Giving Back on Diabetes Alert Day

Above all else, VIM & VIGR is a company that cares about helping people improve their health so that they can live fuller, happier lives doing the things that they love. That is why we are passionate about supporting the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which is an incredible nonprofit made up of over one million volunteers, a membership of more than 441,000 people with diabetes, their families and caregivers, a professional society of nearly 16,500 health care professionals, and more than 800 staff members all working to raise awareness, fund research, deliver services, and give a voice to the diabetic community. We wanted to take our involvement to the next level, which is why we were inspired to establish a partnership with ADA!

VIM & VIGR poster for American Diabetes Alert Day

Last Tuesday, in honor of Diabetes Alert Day, we pledged to donate 50% of ALL sales made to the nonprofit. One week later, our team is still beaming over the success of the campaign and the support that we received! As a young and growing company, it means the world to us to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of the 30 million Americans that are affected by diabetes, and we plan to continue doing just that. To everyone who made a purchase on Diabetes Alert Day, thank you for your support! If you would like to make a direct donation, please visit


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