Fashion Series: Taking VIM & VIGR to the Trails

Trail Running OutfitIf you’re a trail runner, you understand the importance of selecting the perfect outfit for your run. A good run can be instantly transformed into a great one by simply selecting better shoelaces. Many trail runners enjoy their shorts, because let’s face it, there’s nothing better than feeling the cool breeze on those hard-working legs. But if you love hitting the trails in your shorts, you’ve probably experienced the snags of a few bushes and sticks, not to mention the thick coat of dust and dirt on your ankles.

While our socks are mainly considered lifestyle socks, we’ve had plenty of VIM & VIGR customers share their experiences with wearing our compression socks during their activities. Many boast the performance of our moisture-wick nylon compression socks on the trail to not only protect your legs from the prickly sticks and poison oak that may reach out, but the socks can also draw sweat and moisture off of the skin and onto the top of the compression sock fabric allowing the moisture to evaporate faster. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of more relaxed and refreshed legs during your run, but gone are the days of dealing with those gross, wet socks when you get home! Try them out on the trails and be sure to tell us what you think! Tweet us @VIMVIGR!


Get the Look:

VIM & VIGR Black Moisture-wick Nylon Compression Socks

AEO Performance Mini Shorts

Foxie Full Zip

Minimus 10 Slip-On

Woman’s UA Victory Tank

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