June News: An Exciting Partnership


For the month of June, VIM & VIGR is excited to partner with Mamalode, a nationally recognized user generated parenting magazine filled with wonderful stories and ideas for busy moms.  Our collaboration with Mamalode is the result of a few factors.  We're both based in Missoula, Montana, we're both owned and operated by women, and our shared mission is to empower women to live their best lives.  Mamalode's positive messages have been a beacon of light to moms around the nation, and we hope to be a similar beacon to women as well.  Since our launch in September, we have heard so many stories about how VIM & VIGR has helped helped women look and feel better and give them the energy they needed to do more during their day.  


That is why this month, we're talking about #feetsandfeats.  Many of our customers are moms, and those who aren't still tackle their own feats on a day-to-day basis.  Moms have the not-always-so-glorious full-time job of juggling life and kids, and it's not always easy to stay on top health issues for many.  The beauty of VIM & VIGR, is that by simply putting on a pair of socks, these moms can take the first step towards a healthier life— a step many of them take every single morning.  From alleviating swelling and varicose veins to increasing energy levels, Mom or not— who wouldn't want to experience those benefits for all the feats in their daily lives? 


Comfortable, cute and functional, our socks work just as hard as you do, mom or not.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page this June for contests and opportunities to share your greatest Feets and Feats.  Also be sure to head to mamalode.com to read about what this theme means to them!

For the month of June, receive 25% off Mamalode issues by going to mamalodemagazine.com and entering the code 'vimvigr' during checkout.  

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