Pregnancy & Parenting Writer Shares a Day in Her Life on Instagram!

We want to thank all-star blogger, Devan McGuiness (@bydevan) for sharing a day in her life with us on Instagram yesterday! We enjoyed the first person perspective of a day-in-the-life of a mom with four little ones running around, a fractured tibia, and excellent choice in fashion! Missed her Instagram take-over? Check out our Instagram @VIMVIGRand be sure to follow us for more fun! Below are some of the snapshots she shared with us. Need more mommy advice? Follow her personal blog, and don’t miss her articles posted on Yahoo’s Shine and Babble!

“Good morning, friends! It's Devan from @byDevan - I am so excited to be taking over VIM&VIGR Instagram today to share a bit about our life! First big decision of the day: which sock to choose? What's your vote? ^@byDevan #upgradeyoursocks #vimvigr”

“While trying to work on my fitness, I instead, ended up fracturing my tibia. Since it's now immobilized in this walking cast and I have Factor V Leiden, a condition that increases my chances of developing a blood clot, I wear a VIM&VIGR compression sock under the cast. Bonus: it's way cuter than the giant cotton sock they give you! ^@byDevan #upgradeyoursocks #vimvigr”


“As a mom to 4 young ones, sitting down and sitting still is rare. A house full of laughter and endless energy, for them, not me. I enlist the help of re-heated coffee, lots of water, and VIM & VIGR compression socks to get me through the long, on-my-feet-constantly day! It's been a pleasure to hang out with you all today, friends! ^@byDevan#upgradeyoursocks #vimvigr”

Thank you again, Devan! We hope our compression socks help get your leg better and stronger than before so you can use our socks for leg recovery from getting your fitness back on! 

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