Marathon Recovery— How to Make it Through the Day After

It's simultaneously the best and worst day for a marathoner—the day after the race.  The grueling training schedule has come to an end, the cheers on the course are still frest in your mind, and you're flooded with waves of accomplishment... and the intensity of the muscle soreness. The day after running a marathon can be full of aches and pains—running 26.2 miles certainly take s a toll on your body.  Fortunately there's a lot you can do to alleviate some of the discomfort.  While you may just want to sit on the couch and take a break, that should be the last think on your list.  Believe it or not, the best think you can do for your body is to take a walk.  This is great news for those destination marathoners! The day after your 26.2 miles was made for sightseeing.  What a better way to experience the streets of Paris, architecture of Athens or the celestial carved mountains of Missoula than to stroll through the city basking in your post-race glow in recovery mode?
When packing for your recovery day, remember to think simple. To help aid in your recovery, don your VIM & VIGR compression socks which will support your tired legs and alleviate achiness by boosting circulation. Pack an easy skirt or shorts that will be comfortable enough to give your tired legs room to breathe. A white blouse with eyelet cutout designs and some cute walking shoes will take your look from tourist bleak to city chic. Also remember to pack a light, clean smelling perfume that will be small enough for your carry-on to protect you on the flight from the harsh airplane recycled air.  
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