Why We Love Winter OR

Two weeks ago, the VIM & VIGR team set out for another journey to one of our favorite tradeshows: Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market logo

For those of you who have never been, Winter OR is where professionals, from retailers to manufacturers, within the outdoor industry gather to discover, test, show off and tinker with new outdoor sports products, gear and apparel! Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. The location was pristine, and the adventurous, upbeat energy was contagious. It wasn’t easy, but we finally settled on the top three reasons that we LOVE going to Winter OR:

  1. Making Connections. Our team has as much fun reconnecting with old friends and colleagues as we do getting introduced to new industry experts! OR is flooded with inspiring journalists, photographers, athletes, designers, retailers, manufacturers, sales experts and more. We had a great time sharing our compression legwear with all of them; some even took interest in carrying VIM & VIGR product in their stores… score!
    VIM & VIGR making connection at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market
  2. Swoon-Worthy Gear. OR is a hot spot for the latest and greatest outdoor gear, and the innovation never stops. Without these shows, we would never be able to keep up! Want a glimpse of what we’re talking about? Check Gear Junkie’s “Greatest Gear for 2015” roundup here
    Mega Titan stormproof match at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market
     Mega Titan Stormproof Match – Photo from Gear Junkie
  1. New Releases! OR is a great place to launch a new product or design. Who wouldn’t want to have the who’s who of the outdoor industry checking out your latest and greatest? In fact, VIM & VIGR has a very exciting announcement coming up… Stay tuned!

Going to tradeshows like Winter OR are a big part of our business; they bring us together with fabulous retailers nationwide! Would you like to see VIM & VIGR sold in one of your favorite local stores? Let us – or them – know! We would love to be as accessible to you as possible!

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