Three Things We Love About Pro Triathlete, Sue Huse

Sue Huse is one impressive woman, with numerous titles including wife, mom, professional triathlete and dietitian (to name a few) though she’s not interested in being defined by any of them. How could she? They’re all so different, each requiring a unique type of skill set, energy and love. By bringing them together, Sue has created a balanced, active and happy lifestyle for herself and her family here in Missoula, Montana. We had a great time chatting with her and now it’s your turn to get to know this wonder woman! Here are three of the many things that we adore about Sue:

  1. Sue got into racing triathlons as a result of “taking it easy.”

“I would get hurt a lot as a professional runner. After having kids, I was okay with retiring from competitive racing.” Instead of hitting the pavement every day, she took up swimming and biking to heal from previous injuries and to keep exercising regularly. “It was good for my mental health!”  

According to Sue, falling in love with these new hobbies was unexpected, but her inherent need for speed and competitive edge pushed her to take things to the next level. For the next few years, she competed in sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and turned out to be a strong contender (surprise, surprise!). She was really having fun with it and found that the mix of running, cycling and swimming was great for her mind and body. Alas, a triathlete was born! (Trust us, she gets a lot of use out of her VIM & VIGR compression socks.)

  1. Sue eats cake!

Sue credits the start of her healthy habits to her childhood. “Being healthy was part of our lifestyle. We ate balanced meals and made that time family time.” Her early background, mixed in with her career as a registered dietitian, resulted with an everything-in-moderation kind of attitude toward health and eating. “With my kids, we eat very healthy, but it’s still okay to eat cake. I don’t think it should be all or nothing – I love encouraging nutrition, but I’m not an extremist.”

  1. Sue can be a pro triathlete and a mom.

“When I would think about being a professional triathlete, I struggled with the fact that it wasn’t the norm – I wasn’t confident as a 40 year old mom.” After going back and forth with what it means to be an athlete and what it means to be a mom, Sue realized that there’s no reason that she couldn’t be good at both. “I hope that it changes what people think a woman can and should do. My goal is to inspire other women by showing them that there’s room for it all!” 

Do you have any questions for Sue? Drop them in a comment and we will get you an answer! Be sure to visit her website to check out her upcoming schedule, race results and fun blog posts! 

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