Whether he’s suit-and-tie savvy or football jersey-clad, your dad’s got style. His socks, however, could always use an upgrade. This Father’s Day, give your dad a high-quality gift that he’ll get some serious wear out of, from the office to the trails – surprise him with a pair of VIM & VIGR compression socks! You might be thinking: socks?! We get it, socks don’t sound like a very exciting gift. Our compression socks, however, are far from ordinary. They will help energize his legs, prevent swelling, alleviate achiness and heaviness, prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins and aid in muscle recovery. Need more convincing? Well, your #DadNeedsSocks if:

  1. His socks are filled with holes. Your dad would do anything for you and when you need his help, he puts everything else on the backburner, including his own essentials. A pair of high-functioning compression socks will look better, last longer and show him that you care.
  2. He has poor circulation. Healthy blood circulation is essential for everything from your mobility to overall comfort. Our mild-moderate compression (15-20 mmHg) are perfect for giving his circulation a boost, and are comfortable enough for all day, everyday wear.
  3. His socks never match. We know how it goes, your dad comes to visit and just as he goes to sit down, he unabashedly flashes his mismatched socks. Giving your dad a stylish pair of new socks is the perfect way to start his fashion intervention.
  4. He travels all the time. From waiting in long lines to sitting in cars, planes or trains for hours on end, traveling can get the best of his circulation. Our compression socks will boost his circulation through it all while keeping him comfy and stylish.
  5. He’s super active. Whether it’s in the great outdoors or at the gym, your dad loves nothing more than being active (except for you, of course!). Intense workouts take a toll on everyone, but good pair of compression socks will speed up his muscle recovery so he doesn’t have to fall behind on his fitness routine.
  6. He puts in a lot of time at the office. When it comes to long commutes, endless hours behind a desk or rushing around from meeting to meeting, our compression socks are an easy fix for the leg fatigue he experiences throughout his day at work.

Tell us why your dad needs socks in a comment below, and we just might help you surprise him with some of our stylish and functional compression socks this Father’s Day! And to all the amazing dads out there, thanks for all you do!


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