School Supply List, Teacher Edition

So long, summer vacation – it’s officially back to school season! Annual school supply lists make it easy (well, easier) for parents and kids to know what they need to grab before their first day of class, from dry erase markers and pencils to boxes of tissues (sharing is caring, right?), but what about teachers? We all know that they’re going to need more than basic supplies to stay organized and run a classroom. That’s why we’ve put together a handful of essentials that every teacher should add to their personal school supply lists:

Travel Mug – Coffee is the most important meal of the day (along with a well-balanced breakfast, of course!), especially when you’re getting back into the early morning groove. There’s no better way to go than with a reliable thermal travel mug that allows you to enjoy your java on the commute and keeps it warm through first period! Try one that’s smart and playful like this one from Kate Spade or go the classic route with this one from Stanley.

The Perfect Bag – Finding a bag that’s as stylish as it is functional can be tough. Ideally, it should be big enough to comfortably hold overstuffed folders, extra pens and pencils, your reusable water bottle and so on. We love this tote for women from ModCloth and this Man-PACK for men because they’re both spacious and trendy so that you can uphold your school rep.

Weekly Planner – To lead your classroom (without losing your mind), you’re going to need a game plan. Organize your lesson plans, mark any upcoming holidays and events and make notes in a weekly planner! We like this minimalistic style planner from Moleskine and this floral printed planner from Rifle Paper Co!

VIM & VIGR Compression Socks: Standing in front of a classroom of students to teach and inspire is a rewarding gig, but it can be tough on your legs. Give them some relief with a pair of our cute  and cozy compression socks - they’ll keep your legs feeling fresh and energized through the last bell of the day. Our men’s Black & Brick nylon compression socks will have you looking dapper in stripes while our women’s Brown & Teal cotton compression socks will help you stay elegant in argyle!

These simple items can help make any teacher’s life run a little more smoothly. What are some classroom must-haves that you or a teacher you love can’t live without?

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