5 Health Accessories We Love

The new year means a new you and a fresh start! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to tell you about some of our favorite workout goodies to get you extra motivated to hit the gym and look fabulous doing it.


VIM & VIGR Move Compression Sleeves



We’ve been there—you slap that flimsy yoga mat onto the wooden floor and hit those poses (hello extended puppy pose, we’re talking to you), mumbling under your breath about those stabbing pains on your knees and toes. You can’t go wrong with a quality yoga mat which is why we’re big fans of the Manduka X Yoga mat. It’s super light (you’ll probably forget you’re even carrying it!) and has just the right amount of cushioning so your knees and feet will never have to suffer again.



Let’s face it, no one likes lugging around an ugly plastic bottle of water or walking across the gym for a sip at the crowded water fountain. We were ecstatic when we came across the stunning Lokai Metal Waterbottle. It will keep your drink cold for 24 hours and the

slip-resistant silicone grip keeps it snug in your hands no matter how sweaty and intense your workouts get. And what’s not to love about 10% of net profits going to charity?



High-impact workouts call for activewear that can keep up with you which is why we love the Punter Leather Athletic Shoes. If you love to run, jump rope or even Zumba your way to a stronger heart, you’ll get plenty of cushioning with these shoes and the padding is soft enough to feel like you’re walking on a cloud. They definitely have the VIM & VIGR seal of approval.

 VIM & VIGR Falling Stripes



One of the most important gym essentials is a pair of headphones, to play your favorite music as the treadmill gets faster and the timer counts down or to shut out distractions as you focus on your squat technique. With many earphones, you have to maneuver and fumble with the tips to make sure they fit snugly in your ears but we were surprised by how comfortable the Fresh n Rebel Wireless Earphones felt and how effortlessly they stayed in place. And of course the sound quality was something else, every vocal cord and drum beat felt like we were right there in the recording studio with Mariah Carey.

VIM & VIGR Nautical



No gym essentials guide would be complete without including something to really make your outfit stand out. VIM & VIGR’s collection of compression socks and calf sleeves come in chic patterns that instantly accentuate your gym outfit and come in a variety of fabrics so you can pick what’s most comfortable for you! Plus, our socks help you recover from muscle fatigue faster by increasing blood flow, which leads to less soreness.


Try out the Coral & Black with the Lokai Metal Waterbottle in red some fiery color coordination, the Dark & Light Heather with the Fresh n Rebel Wireless Earphones when you’re feeling it’s a day for form-fitting black, and Solid Navy with the Punter Leather Athletic Shoes for a seamless gym-to-errands look.


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