Tips for Fall Fitness

With the arrival of fall, we’ve got many things to look forward to, including cooler weather, cozier clothing, comfort food and plenty of occasions to get together with friends and family (like football games!). We truly love this time of year, but there are a few things to be prepared for, including a serious fallout in your workout routine!

Between the darker evenings and the chilly air, getting yourself to go outside for a run or to the gym can become more and more of a challenge. Not only is staying active important for your health, it’s also critical for your happiness. When you exercise, you release happy-inducing brain chemicals called endorphins, which make you feel good, think more positively and relieve stress. Who doesn’t need that?! We’ve come up with a few tips for staying on top of your workout routine during this season made for homebodies:

  1. Plan ahead. Studies show that people who write down their goals are up to ten times more likely to actually achieve them—let’s put it to the test! Take some time over the weekend to schedule out your workouts for the following week. Then take a look at your closet; if you need to run a couple loads of laundry to get you through each workout, do it now! Same thing goes for your refrigerator; stock up on healthy snacks and prep some meals for yourself so that you have plenty of energy and few excuses.
  2. Create a motivational playlist. Music plays a huge role on our moods, so pick out some of your favorite upbeat jams and compile them on a playlist! You can start listening to it an hour before your workout to get into your zone. Or, you can download a music app like RockMyRun or Spotify that provide amazing pre-mixed workout playlists to keep you pumped up!
  3. Gear up. Sometimes new clothes or accessories are just what you need to get inspired and excited about working out. With temperatures dropping, maximum coverage is a must! Try a pair of our compression socks or sleeves to keep your legs warm, happy, healthy and stylish all season long. Bonus: in addition to keeping your legs warm, graduated compression also reduces muscle aches and soreness faster!
  4. Pick a pal. Recruit a friend (or several) to workout with you. Not only will you help keep each other accountable, you will have more fun while getting your sweat on! Another idea is to document your fitness journey together—a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. It’s a great source of motivation and support, so the more the merrier!
  5. Spice it up. There are so many different workout options out there, so why not take advantage? No matter what the weather is like outside, hot yoga or spin classes are always guaranteed to keep you nice and toasty. If you’re not big on gyms, try taking up something less conventional like rock climbing or salsa dancing, which are sure to spice up your routine.

Investing in your fitness is investing in a happier mind, body and soul. This fall, we suggest treating yourself to less pumpkin spice lattes (unless you’re making them yourself, courtesy of The Fit Fork’s recipe!) and to more workouts that will keep you looking and feeling amazing! What are your best tips for staying focused and committed to your health during the cooler seasons?

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