Fashion Series: Compression Socks Benefits for the Fall Fashion Enthusiast

Compression socks? Hmmm? The memory of an elderly family member using these knee high socks (typically sported in black, white, or tan) to ease foot pain or arthritis may come to mind. Yet there seems to be a rising trend among the twenty to thirty-something generation endorsing the health benefits of compression legwear.

We sit (for long hours). We stand. We walk. We run.

All of the above warrant the need for compression socks. Why? They’re specifically designed to help with circulation of the blood within the legs. Compression therapy boosts circulation bringing beneficial nutrients and oxygenated blood to the legs and feet. People often report an invigorated and even refreshed feeling (insert [sigh] of relief) brought to their lower extremities - often decreasing any weakness or pain that they might’ve been experiencing. According to an article from, compression socks increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue.

The fall season brings the desire for warm, comfy clothes without sacrificing fashion. For the fashion conscious customer the simple black and white may appeal to our monochrome sense, but let’s face it…some of us crave more from our sock wardrobe – even if it is therapeutic. VIM & VIGR boasts an eye-candy, box full of flavorful color patterns to please the sock-stylist in all of us. From classic argyle, to colorful stripes, and even your basic solids there’s a superb variety to choose from. The added bonus is that they are well-designed compression socks for women that feature Gradient Pressure™ knitting technology with 15-20 mmHg graduated compression. Yep, you can sport them and feel good, literally, about your sock choice, because they are actually good for you!

Think of your most comfortable shoes that also happen to be cute. VIM & VIGR socks fit “snugly” into this fashionable category.

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