A Love Letter to Paige

One common misconception about VIM & VIGR is our size. At four years old, we are always growing and changing, but as it stands today, we have about twenty in-house employees. We are thankful for all of them and the work they put in to make VIM & VIGR what it is today, with all its integrity and other core values, and this holiday season, we’d like to take a moment to talk about our customer service, held together by our very own Paige Furniss.


That’s right – you may have thought we have a full customer service department responding to your questions and concerns, but it’s just Paige! Paige has graciously agreed to share with us a few memorable experiences she has had with the customers that she interacts with.

I have so many moments with our customers that make me smile, it's hard to pick just one! I would say there are three interactions I love.  

The first is finding a bad review or getting an angry email or phone call from someone, and changing their mind about how they feel about us. It is powerful to not only listen to someone, but to hear what they are saying. Mostly, people just want to be understood and I don't mind being the person on the other end of the phone or email hearing out their frustrations and offering solutions.

Second, there are people who are going through something, or know someone going through something and they are looking for support. I have two examples of this recently. One is a woman who contacted us so we could look up a previous order of her physician’s assistant. She was inquiring about the size and style this person had ordered in the past so she could send her a gift of a new pair of socks. These weren't relatives or best friends, but the giftee had recently lost her home in the California fires and lost everything, so she thought at least being able to send her a pair of socks might brighten her day. We helped her by giving her a "you're a nice person" discount code and writing a card for the recipient. This warmed all of our hearts.

The other situation is a woman that calls every once in a while with questions and to place orders over the phone. I adore chatting with her. The last time I talked to her she told me she lost a lot of her memories in a house flood including all of her family photos, and we cried together on the phone. There's nothing like being able to sit with someone and feel with them, and it doesn't matter if you know them or if you are there in person;  they might just need a shoulder to cry on in any form.

The last interaction that is noteworthy is just your run of the mill everyday chit chat. When people call or email me and we have a conversation like we are old friends, it makes my day! It can be difficult when people can't put a face to your voice, and their first reaction is to treat you like a cog in the machine. It is very special when I get to talk to the ones who are kind and thoughtful and are genuinely as interested in my life as I am theirs.

I can truly say that I have had only about two interactions in the past two years that left a bad taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, I can't please everyone. I lucked out working for VIM & VIGR though, because first and foremost we have an owner who takes pride in giving people outstanding customer service no matter what. And second, we have an incredible group of VIM & VIGR fans that have helped us grow in an organic way, and who feel like family to us. You don't get ahead in life or in business if you don't treat people well and pay attention to their needs, and being a part of a company like this is so very special. 

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