Behind the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Senior Manager of Design & Brand Lindsey Thompson shares what inspired this season’s collection.

Spring brings a breath of fresh air – a welcome change from the gray skies, snow and ice of winter. Each year, our Spring/Summer Collection captures this exciting shift in seasons by offering refreshed options for your sock drawer.

We sat down with Lindsey, our senior manager of design and brand, to learn what inspired this year’s collection.

What inspired the colors in the Spring/Summer Collection?

In beginning to think about this spring’s collection, I asked myself, “What is fresh?” For us, that looked like shifting from the heavier tones in our Fall/Winter Collection to a lighter palette. I look at all our styles together and think about how to balance colors and patterns and bring something new to the table. Last year’s Spring/Summer Collection was bursting with bright, fruity colors – lemon and lime and raspberry – so this year we thought about pulling in earthy, soft shades for a more mature look.

What inspires your designs?

I’m always inspired by home goods – pillows, blankets, rugs, etc. I find myself drawn to the patterns that make a home feel comfortable and trendy. For instance, the Pyramid Stripe was inspired by a pillow I came across last year. I love how the funky triangles and lines translated to a very distinct sock.

We also have best-seller patterns that I try to incorporate in new, fresh ways. For example, our Simple Stripe is a timeless favorite, so I searched for ways to make it feel different, without losing the familiarity that makes it such a popular style.

Our Men’s and Women’s Collections are distinguished by more than just different colors. How do you think about designing for all our customers?

It really begins by asking, “What would our customer enjoy wearing?” I look at season trends and other apparel brands, as well as what has been popular in the past. From there, I pull in a few totally fresh designs like the Juliet Floral, which presents a very soft, feminine look, and Pyramid Stripe, which highlights a bolder, more modern look. I also focus on infusing familiar styles with new colors and adding elements of fun in the toe, heel and band accent.

Ultimately, I try to make sure there’s something for everyone – from the business person who needs a very professional option for the office & travel, to the teacher who likes a little flair in their daily wardrobe, to an active retiree who wants a fun, yet subtle option. At VIM & VIGR we believe everyone can benefit from compression – so my job is to make sure there’s an appealing sock style for you, whatever your style or daily activity.

What is your favorite in this collection?

Such a hard question! Visually, I’m drawn to the Pyramid Stripe, because it stands out from anything else we’ve ever done. I also love the Juliet Floral – it’s so pretty and feminine. The softness of the design is just beautiful.

How are you styling your compression socks this spring?

I’m loving the paper bag trouser trend this season. Our socks pair perfectly with the wide, cropped leg – add a pair of mules or heeled clogs and you’re really showing off your socks in a tasteful way. Also, jumpsuits and cropped overalls are so fun and a perfect spring look. You could go with a more basic color or demin with a fun pattern like our Fresh Stripe, or you could pair a patterned wide-leg with our Moisture-Wick Wine.

Inspired? Explore our Spring/Summer 2019 Collection.

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