Compression Socks for Edema & Swelling

Compression Socks for Edema

Compression socks for edema are one of the best everyday management tools in your arsenal, since the socks help prevent the fluid buildup that characterizes edemas. Compression socks for edema apply pressure to your legs and feet, allowing your veins and arteries to relax and open. This allows blood to flow more freely in your legs, preventing fluid from building up in one location. This will also help reduce the pain and swelling associated with edema, since your blood can flow freely while your arteries and veins relax.

The best compression socks for swelling depend on the compression rating you need. If you need a compression sock to keep you comfortable at work, the best compression socks for swelling will have a lower compression rating. If you need compression socks to prevent or manage deep vein thrombosis or edemas, the best compression socks for swelling will have a higher compression rating and a tighter fit.

Remember getting a bump on the head as a kid and hearing an adult tell you to apply pressure with an ice pack? The same basic principle applies to compression socks for swelling and edema. Applying pressure to swelling helps restrict the flow of blood and other fluids to an injured or infected area. The beauty of compression socks is that they allow you to evenly apply pressure on your whole foot and lower leg, preventing any fluid buildup in areas you might have missed while promoting circulation back to your heart.

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