Fashion Mini-Series: Picnic & Music Fest

As the last sweet days of summer linger, we’re enjoying the bright sunny mornings and long warm evenings. It’s the perfect time to get all the love out of your summer wardrobe before breaking out the boots and sweaters for fall. We put together a few of our favorite end-of-summer outfits to help inspire your final month of summer.

Perfect Picnic Outfit

Keep it comfy with distressed boyfriend jeans and a simple grey V-neck. (We love no-fuss staple items as our outfit base – it leaves room for fun accessories and allows for easy mix-and-matching throughout the season.) Add a little summer color with our Seaglass & Grey Mum’s Floral compression socks, then throw on a lightweight anorak jacket to complete the look. You’ll want sturdy, but cute shoes for walking through the park, and these gray booties will do just the trick! Grab your favorite picnic blanket and head to your local park or beach for a fun afternoon.

Perfect Picnic Outfit

Music Fest Outfit

It’s the season for music festivals and outdoor concerts. Don’t miss a beat – make sure you add compression socks to your legwear line up for the long days on your feet. Our functional fabrics are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite cowboy boots, especially in the Mustard & White Petite Dot. A breezy striped dress will keep you cool all day – just add a sweater in the evening and you’re ready to dance the night away!

Do you have a favorite summer outfit (that pairs with your VIM & VIGR compression socks)? Tell us about it in the comments – or post a pic on social media and tag us @vimvigr!

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