How to Rock Your Socks for the Summer

Step One: Pick a Breathable Fabric

Two go-to fabric choices for summer are cotton and moisture-wicking nylon. Cotton offers natural breathability and all-climate comfort. Moisture-wicking nylon helps draw sweat and moisture off the skin. Its multi-dimensional weave allows for breathability. With these fabric choices, wearing compression socks in the summer is a breeze. Both fabric options increase breathability, comfort, and sleekness during the warmer season.

Step Two: Dress for the Setting

If you plan to be out in the sun all day, pick a lighter hue to help reflect light and repel heat. Summer’s bright colors are perfect for expressing your personality while staying cool. Compression socks are a tasteful pop of personality that’ll catch everyone’s attention. You don’t have to settle with dull when it comes to compression socks. Plus, they provide protection from any blisters, funky tan lines, and dry soles this summer.

Step Three: Select a compression sleeve

Compression sleeves give you the benefit of wearing compression with the freedom to wear whatever you want on your feet - like sandals and flip flops! A sleeve is a fun way to wear compression while dressing up for summer weddings. Show off your summer pedicure in sandals and sleeves.


How do you rock your socks in summer? Comment below!

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