Our Favorite Travel Accessories

With travel season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about packing for upcoming trips. We’re always looking for ways to stay healthy and prepared, no matter how long or far the journey. Our team at VIM & VIGR includes a few seasoned travelers – we asked them to share their must-have travel accessories.

Our Travel Essentials:

  1. A big tote. Everyone needs a bag that can hold everything you need in the air and on the road. Stuff magazines, toiletries, prescriptions and snacks in a tote bag for easy access. Prefer something with a zipper? Try this travel satchel!
  2. Travel tubes for toiletries. These Humangear GoToobs are the perfect size for carry on, plus they have suction cups to keep them handy in the shower.
  3. A giant scarf. Perfect to spice up an outfit or act as a blanket or pillow on the plane. For maximum comfort, choose a big one like this.
  4. A dependable water bottle. There’s nothing worse than that dry, stuffed-up feeling you get on the plane. Plus, staying hydrated helps prevent DVT and will help you hit the ground running once you arrive at your destination. We like this insulated, lemon drop water bottle.
  5. Quality headphones. For long flights, there’s little more important than noise-canceling headphones to help you relax (or just hear your movie!).  Or, if conserving space is a priority, try a wireless version.
  6. Healthy plane snacks. Travel can present unexpected delays – and long travel days can easily mess up your diet. Pack a few healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts and dried fruit, healthy crackers, cheese sticks or sturdy fresh fruit (like apples or oranges).
  7. Compression socks. Of course, we think no one should ever embark on a journey without a pair of VIM & VIGR compression socks. Not only will our therapeutic threads keep your legs feeling energized, but they’ll help prevent conditions like DVT.

Other tips from the team:

  • Be sure to pack your toiletries, makeup, a hairbrush and prescriptions in your carry on! There’s no telling when a flight delay might throw off your plans.
  • Remember your chargers! It’s disappointing to run out of battery on your tablet mid-flight or have your phone die as you land at your destination. (We love this organizer to keep all the chargers straight!)
  • Keep hand sanitizer and gum handy. When you break out your plane snacks, you don’t want to ingest unnecessary germs too. And, gum is always important for take off and landing.
  • Choose magazines for reading material. Not only are articles broken into shorter sections for easy reading, but magazines can also be recycled once you’re through reading – making your bag lighter on the way home!

What are your travel must-haves? We’re constantly searching for new ideas to make our travels smoother and more organized! Comment below with your recommendations.

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