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Ever had a bad day - then put on a dance playlist and danced ‘til your world seemed better? That’s what we think of when we think of our friends over at OULA Fitness. Everyday, they are challenging themselves - and one another - to harness the power of dance and embrace a spirit of positivity and confidence in every aspect of their life.

We’re proud to be part of a community that encourages entrepreneurship, creativity and wellness. And we’re delighted to watch the OULA movement grow. This week, they stopped by to share a little of their sparkle with us. Read about the power of OULA below - then check out their special giveaway of MOVE compression sleeves.

OULA started in Missoula in 2010 by Kali Lindner with the intention of combining the depth and soulfulness of a mind-body practice with the carefree playfulness of a living room dance party. OULA redefines the way we think about fitness by empowering women to trust ourselves, our bodies, and each other. By integrating the mind, body, and heart, our focus is on full-being health and wellness in a fun and community-centered atmosphere.

OULA gives you a chance to feel. To feel sexy, to feel silly, to feel sad, to feel free. But most importantly, OULA gives you a chance to feel human. It is in these shared moments that we feel truly connected to one another.

In OULA, whether you need to feel free, empowered, or rejuvenated, all you have to do is show up and be present for yourself. Through OULA, you will discover that your mind and body want to dance together, you will learn to trust yourself and those around you and you will begin to believe that you deserve to take up space, to be seen and heard, and you will know that your story matters.

Since its beginning, OULA has spread across the United States and to six countries with the goal of supporting women wherever they are on their journey.

An instructor from the Twin Cities said it beautifully: "OULA allowed me to have a place to BE. I don’t know in my entire life if I’ve actually felt like I belong, been worthy of love or attention, or been comfortable just being me. Through OULA I’ve yelled lyrics until I believed them. I’ve moved in ways that released years of ugly stuck in my body. I’ve reframed my thoughts. I’ve laughed, cried, been angry, felt sexy, felt confident; and I’ve been allowed by the wonderful people I dance with to have all of those feelings and know that I am safe to express it all. I’VE LEARNED TO LOVE MYSELF."

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