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2 products

Merino wool is a comfortable and versatile fabric that is great for hiking, snow sports, and everyday wear. Merino wool has temperature regulating qualities along with moisture wicking qualities. 

Merino Wool Compression Socks For Hiking

Merino wool is great for hiking and backpacking for a variety of reasons. It is odor resistant and moisture wicking, keeping your feet dry and comfortable for the duration of the hike. 

Snow sports and Merino Wool

Wool socks are usually bulky and hard to fit into ski boots. Our merino wool compression socks are light enough to fit into the tightest fitting boots yet still warm enough to keep you going all day. Merino wool compression socks have moisture wicking qualities that keep your feet from getting wet and cold.



Our Merino Wool Collection uses the highest quality fabrics and the most cutting-edge compression technology. These two limited-edition styles are now available in ultra-soft Australian Merino wool. The multi-dimensional weave and 200-needle count allow for comfort and flexibility. Merino wool provides exceptional breathability and keeps you cooler and drier throughout the day.