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Our goal at VIM & VIGR is to create products that are perfectly sized for every body and everybody—so that everyone can benefit from compression. Our Wide Calf Compression socks collection will fit a calf circumference between 17" and 21". Improve blood flow, and reduce varicose veins with our wide-calf compression socks. Both fashionable and functional, compression tights will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Whether you're looking for fitted undergarments to keep warm during the winter or stylish accessories to wear with a killer outfit, compression tights can serve your need for fashion as well as health. Benefits of Compression Tights You've probably heard that compression tights are good for you, but did you know that there's actual scientific research to back up the claim? Here are just a few ways that compression tights can improve your quality of life -- and with compression tights from VIM & VIGR, you don’t have to sacrifice style for better health. Improved Circulation Muscles get stiff and sore when there isn't enough blood flowing to them. Compression tights can alleviate these symptoms by improving your circulation and promoting healthy blood flow to all of your lower-body muscle groups. Do you want to feel it firsthand? Compress the skin of your wrist with two fingers: You'll immediately feel the blood rushing to the area. That's what compression tights can do for your legs. Temperature Regulation Compression tights keep you warm in several ways. They cover your skin and reduce your exposure to wind, rain and snow. They're made with soft, woven fabrics that trap heat against your skin and help you regulate your internal body temperature. Because compression tights improve your circulation, they'll keep blood flowing through your legs to help prevent them from becoming numb and cold. When you combine all of these factors, compression stockings are one of the best ways to combat the winter blues. Pain Relief Maybe you suffer from a condition like early-onset arthritis. Maybe you're just tired of aches and pains after working on your feet all day. Compression is a time-honored method of treating everything from strained muscles to swollen joints, and with compression tights, you won't even be able to tell. You can just wear them like regular stockings while reaping the benefits of their pressure. Not only will they reduce inflammation and stiffness, but they'll also soothe the pain that comes with these conditions. Muscle Recovery Did you know that exercise breaks down your muscles? It's a process called muscular hypertrophy, and it's completely normal. Micro-tears are created in your muscle fibers when you work out, but over time, they heal and become even stronger than before. Of course, the process might be normal, but it can also be painful. This is where compression tights come in handy. They promote healing through the muscles and joints, so you can recover comfortably and quickly. Proprioception Proprioception is the ability to sense the movements and positions of your body. It's a sort of catch-all term for the general awareness that you have of your balance, coordination and posture. With compression tights providing a gentle stimulation to your legs, you'll be more aware of things like calf muscle movements and the range of motion in your hips. With the slight pressure of the compression, your body will be more aware and attuned to its movements. Compression Tights for All Body Types We have plenty of options in our Healthiest Tights Collection, so it's just a matter of finding the right fit for you. Here are a few things to consider when making your selection: Size. What are your measurements? Our compression tights are available in three different sizes. Strength. How tightly do you want to be squeezed? We offer a full range of 15-20 mmHg. From solid opaque tights to semi-opaque argyle tights, we have something to suit every wardrobe. Your new favorite pair of compression tights is out there. You just have to find them!