15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)
15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)
15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)
15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)
15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)

15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)

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Therapeutic Threads

  • Developed in partnership with vascular surgeons and vein clinics. 
  • Listed with the FDA
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

EveryDay Wellness

Size chart

Size Chart

Getting the right fit is important! You can find your sock, sleeve or tights size using the charts below. If you have questions about sizing, email us at  orders@vimvigr.com. We're happy to help!

Compression Socks

All of our socks are unisex. Sizing is based on shoe size & calf circumference. Use the chart below to find your size.

S/M 5 - 8 3.5 - 6.5 36 - 39 12" - 16"
Wide Calf S/M  5 - 8 3.5 - 6.5 36 - 39 17" - 21"
M/L 8.5 - 11.5  7 - 10 39 - 42 13" - 17"
Wide Calf M/L 8.5 - 11.5 7 - 10 39 - 42 17" - 21"
L/XL 12 - 15 10.5 - 13.5 42 - 46 14" - 18"
Wide Calf L/XL  12 - 15 10.5 - 13.5 42 - 46 17" - 21"

Compression Leg Sleeves

Calf Circumference 12" - 15" 15" - 18" 17" - 21"

The Healthiest Tights

WEIGHT (lbs.)

Sizing FAQs

What if I'm between sizes?

If you're in between sizes, take into consideration your body type and what you are generally most comfortable in. Do you find that you often size up in shoes or pants? Do you have wide feet or narrow? Do you like a really tight fit for the feeling of support? 

Don't forget we do offer postage-paid free returns & exchanges - so if the first size you try isn't a perfect fit, we'll happily help you find one that does. 

Need help with sizing? Email orders@vimvigr.com.

How do I know if I need a "wide calf" size?

Our wide calf sizes accommodate a calf circumference of 17-21," measured at the widest point of the calf. To measure your calves, use a tape measure or a piece of string that you can lay alongside a ruler. 

If your calf measures between a wide calf and standard calf size, we recommend trying the standard calf size first. Compression socks should feel tight, like a gentle hug for your legs.

Why do some of my socks feel tighter than others?

You may find that a pair of your compression socks feels tighter than the others, even in the same size. This is normal! Different fabrics will feel differently on your legs. For example, nylon socks may feel more compressive due to the denser weave (400 needle-count) - however, they offer the same compression that you'd get from the same compression level in a cotton sock. Customers often remark that our cotton socks feel the most stretchy & easy to put on. 

Our products are regularly tested and quality-checked to ensure they fall within the listed compression range and correct size measurements - so you can be assured that the socks you're wearing are delivering all the benefits of graduated compression.

It's important to note that some of our more complex designs do have stitching on the inside that some say makes the sock feel tighter or harder to put on. This is the nature of a sock that has the design woven into the fabric, rather than printed on the surface. If you are concerned about fit, we do recommend starting with our simpler designs to begin getting your legs used to the feeling of wearing compression socks.


  • 200 needle-count 
  • Premium natural cotton fiber
  • Multi-dimensional weave for comfort and breathability
  • 400 needle-count for strength & flexibility
  • Multi-dimensional weave for breathability
  • Superior strength and stretch

Moisture-wick Nylon MOISTURE-WICK NYLON

  • 400 needle-count for superior flexibility and comfort
  • Draw sweat and moisture off of skin
  • Lightweight fabric stretches wide while maintaining strength


  • 200 needle count
  • Sustainably sourced, high-quality, double-covered elastic fibers
  • Naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and odor-fighting

Compression Levels

Compression garments are made in a variety of support levels, each designed to address different needs. These levels are most commonly expressed in millimeters of mercury (abbreviated as mmHg). Generally, graduated compression is displayed in ranges. The higher the numerical value, the stronger the support level indicated. For example, a 20-30 mmHg garment will offer more support and feel tighter than a 15-20 mmHg garment.

All VIM & VIGR legwear is offered in a 15-20 mmHg compression level and select styles are available in 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg.



15-20 mmHg


Ideal for all-day, every day wear. Offers moderate support to reduce ankle and leg swelling, ease tired and achy legs, and aid in muscle recovery.

Commonly used for travel, mild to moderate edema, pregnancy, spider and varicose veins.

20-30 mmHg

Moderate to Firm

20-30 mmHg is a medical grade compression level and often comes as a prescription or recommendation by a healthcare provider. Please consult with your healthcare provider before choosing this level of support.

Commonly used for moderate edema, lymphedema, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), pre and post-surgical applications, moderate spider and varicose veins.

30-40 mmHg


30-40 mmHg is a prescription compression level and is often prescribed by a doctor for treating health conditions such as venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and lymphedema.

Please consult with your healthcare provider before choosing this level of support.


Still wondering about sizing? Watch this video explanation of how compression socks should feel.

Want to learn more about VIM & VIGR? Read our core values and mission statement here.

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We’re confident in the quality of our work — and we want to assure you of it, too. That’s why VIM & VIGR products are listed with the Food and Drug Administration. 


Designing true medical compression takes dedication and feedback from a broad group of medical professionals. VIM & VIGR compression legwear was developed in partnership with vascular surgeons and vein clinics. 


Our quality assurance process ensures that we only ship out products that meet our standard for everyday and medical-grade compression. We measure, stretch, inspect, test - and then we guarantee 100% satisfaction

Made with premium cotton and 200-needle count for flexibility and comfort. Our socks offer mild-moderate compression (15-20 mmHg) - appropriate for all-day, everyday wear. This design also comes in a higher medical-grade compression level of 20-30 mmHg.

All sales are final.

    Compression level: 15-20 mmHg

    Material: 48% Cotton, 42% Nylon, 10% Spandex (Latex-free)

    Designed in Missoula, MT. Made in Taiwan.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Melinda Rickson

    15-20 mmHg: Foxes (Cotton)

    Sandra Holtet
    Best compression ever

    I love these socks! Have my daughter in Atlanta in them too! Colors are great and they fit!

    SunGod Arutas

    Good quality, they work. Merino's better/Softer. But, should've put label inside, whether it's 15-20 or 20-30. I got both the 15/20 & the 20/30 in l'ill foxes,
    and then washed'er when they first came in, after taking them out of their boxes. Now, I can't tell what is 15, what is 30, and for all I know, maybe wearing one leg 15, one leg 30, and let it go (Not bothering w/taking one off, look for the other pair, hopefully correct one, etc., etc. 'Been pain in the butt. But, it's good quality and it works. Has been very beneficial. Made in Taiwan is good, too, much preferable. Will go back, can recommend, and go for the Merino (Got that, too).


    Thank you for reaching out with your recent review. There should be markings on the inside of the top band of our socks to determine the size and compression level of the compression socks. For example, the markings such as one vertical line mean size S/M, two vertical lines mean size M/L, and three vertical lines mean size L/XL. The '+' sign means wide calf while no '+' sign means regular calf. The three horizontal lines indicates that it is our 30-40 mmHg compression socks, two horizontal lines means 20-30 mmHg, while no horizontal lines indicates that it is our regular 15-20 mmHg compression.

    We hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    Take care & stay safe,
    VIM & VIGR Customer Service

    Myra Foote
    Foxes pattern socks

    These compression socks are the best. I've gotten this pattern plus a few other's. The size chart is easy to use and is accurate. These socks come in various sizes and fabrics and various compression levels to accommodate anyone's needs. The different fabrics and colors/patterns offered are icing on the cake so to speak. They wash up , dry very well, follow instructions. They feel so soft next to the skin. I've tried other brands but these are by far number one in every aspect and I will be back to order more . With I had learned about this company alot sooner. Try for yourself and you'll be happy you did. Relief, comfort, style, all in one sock.

    Rori Hatchel
    Adorable classics!

    The Foxes socks are adorable and yet classy. They are high quality with a knit in design and great fit. I love them so much I got another pair!

    Great socks on all counts

    I love knee socks, especially in the cooler months. I have purchased the wide calf models even though it looks like the regular would fit my 14" calves. However, I find them comfortable all day long. They are not above my knee--thank goodness. I am on the short side. And they do not leave a mark around the top as many other compression socks do. But they stay up with no problems so far. AND I can get the 15-20 on without killing myself.

    Compression socks you actually want to wear

    Graduated compression from ankle to calf

    Contoured leg and heel for a superior fit

    Flexible toe pocket for extra comfort

    Spandex throughout the sock for maximum comfort

    Benefits of compression

    Our high-functioning socks help energize legs, reduce swelling, alleviate achiness and heaviness, and aid in muscle recovery.

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