Good Housekeeping - Compression Socks for Men

If you aren't familiar, compression socks have a knee-high height and work to improve blood flow and therefore relieve swelling by applying gradual pressure to your feet and calves.

A winner in Good Housekeeping's 2023 Family Travel Awards, these top-performing compression socks received top scores for little-t0-no shrinkage and withstanding abrasion in our latest round of testing. Lab results also showed that the socks are great at moisture-wicking, which testers confirmed in their surveys.

Multiple testers appreciated the socks' stylish appearance and versatility, with one saying they pairs them with boots for work and with sneakers for long walks. The pair is also ideal for flights, an instance when you will be sitting for a long time and may experience some swelling. "They are soft and warm but didn't cause my feet to sweat and I really appreciated that after a long flight my ankles were not swollen," said one tester. "I love them, I will never fly without wearing compression socks again."

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