open toe compression socks

Open Toe Compression Socks

You may be wondering, what is the difference between open toe and closed toe compression socks?

Open Toe compression socks are used during the warmer months. Many individuals who wear compression socks for medical reasons have to wear them year round, for many hours a day. As you can imagine, that gets more difficult in the warmer months. Open toe compression socks not only allow for the feet and toes to breathe while benefitting from compression, but also they allow for sandals and flip-flops to be worn. When worn with jeans or a long skirt, open toe compression socks allow for a more discreet option for your summer compression. Our open toe compression socks are purposely made with light weight fabric to make them most suitable for warmer months.

cotton open toe compression socks


Anyone who wears closed toe compression socks, whether it be for comfort, style, or a medical condition, can wear open toe compression socks. The toe box on compression socks does not provide compression typically, so its absence does not affect the usefulness of the sock.