Brand Ambassador Program

Join the VIM & VIGR Brand Ambassador program!

We're looking for fun-loving, active individuals who are passionate about everyday wellness. We welcome people from all walks of life —wherever you're at in your wellness journey, we invite you to join us.

VIM & VIGR brand ambassadors

You Could Be a VIM & VIGR Ambassador If:

  • You care about your everyday health & wellness and are always looking for ways to live a healthier & more vibrant life.
  • Compression socks have helped you achieve everyday wellness in some way.
  • You have a story & you're happy to share it!
  • You feel at ease filming short videos on your phone, laptop or other device. (Or are comfortable asking someone to film you!)
  • You're comfortable being photographed and/or taking photos.
  • You love VIM & VIGR, and you're excited to spread the word about our products.

What Does an Ambassador Do?

As a VIM & VIGR Brand Ambassador, you would help put a face & feet to the idea of "everyday wellness." Thousands of people wear our socks, which means there are thousands of stories of everyday wellness out there! We want to capture a glimpse into the extraordinary lives of our customers.

If you are selected as a brand ambassador, you may be asked to:

  • be featured in our blog
  • submit photos and videos from your adventures
  • document a day in your life
  • share a blog post or social media post on your own social media channels
  • provide feedback on new products or ideas we are working on
  • post on social media about your favorite products

Perks of being a brand ambassador may include:

  • Complimentary product
  • Special discounts
  • Early access to our promotions
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on new products

Interested? We'd love to meet you.

Fill out the form below, so we can get to know you. After you submit the form, you'll receive an email asking you to send a video introducing yourself. Once we've received your video, your application will be complete.

We'll reach out to you within 1-2 weeks if we feel it's a good fit.