Returns & Exchanges

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our return policy is as simple as it gets. If your product doesn't fit, we'll gladly offer an exchange or refund, no questions asked & at no cost to you.*

Just request your return in our Returns Center within the first 30 days of receiving your order, and we'll take care of everything – including sending you a shipping label to return your product!

If you are returning an order purchased on The View email us at

To start a return or exchange, please visit our Returns Center.

* International returns are eligible for store credit only. Excludes products marked Final Sale.

Here's how it works:


If you are returning an order purchased on The View, email us at

If you bought directly through our website, visit our Returns Center, and enter your Order Number and the zip code your package was delivered to.

Your order number can be found in your confirmation email. 


Select the product(s) you'd like to return or exchange. Ineligible items will be grayed out. 


Choose to exchange for another item or return your item for a refund or store credit.

Select the reason you are requesting a return and provide any other helpful info about why it didn't work for you.


Send the unwanted item back to us with the pre-paid shipping label. 

If you are returning for a refund to the original payment method, your refund will be issued when we receive the item back at our warehouse.