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Calf compression sleeves are a fun and therapeutic alternative to regular socks. Made with advanced gradient pressure knitting for support and aid in muscle recovery, our sleeves offer a moderate compression to re-energize and support your legs. Why Compression Leg Sleeves are the Best Way to Increase Circulation Whether you're an athlete who wants to improve performance or you're someone who deals with circulatory problems and blood clot issues, compression sleeves are an ideal option for getting you into better shape. Compression sleeves work the same way as compression socks except that they stop at the base of the ankle and do not cover the foot. What is a Compression Sleeve? With compression leg sleeves, the sleeve goes up to the knee, covering the calf. There is typically no sock portion to the sleeve, which makes it ideal for individuals who just need leg-based compression, like athletes. While popular with athletes many ordinary people wear them as well because of how well they work and how beneficial they are to their health. Why Get a Sleeve Instead of a Sock? Many people find that compression leg sleeves are cooler and more to wear in the summer months. Sleeves also give you the flexibility to wear sandals or your favorite pair of shorter socks. If you train as an athlete, compression sleeves are more recommended for you! They help provide all of the benefits of compression, while allowing you to wear the footwear required by your sport or that you prefer for training. Sleeves also come in all different sizes, allowing you to find the fit you need. The Benefits for Athletes Athletes spend a good majority of their time training on their feet. This puts a lot of pressure on a person's body, especially on their legs. If you're noticing that your legs are tired, achy, sore or that you're dealing with fluid buildup in this particular area, compression leg sleeves are a great choice for you. Not only do they help to improve circulation, which gives you a boost of energy, but they are also great for athletes who deal with sore legs after a long and tiring training day. Are Compression Leg Sleeves a Good Choice for Non-Athletes? Despite being worn by many athletes, compression leg sleeves are also ideal for anyone who wants the benefits that come from wearing this particular garment. Compression sleeves increase energy, increase circulation, relieve tiredness and soreness in the leg area, and help to reduce and even eliminate edema, which is fluid buildup in the legs. You may find that the sleeves help you to feel better throughout the day and you won't want to go a day without wearing them. Buying the Right Type of Compression Leg Sleeve It is important that you purchase the right kind of compression leg sleeves to ensure that you are getting the most benefits from wearing them. First and foremost, you'll want to look at the different sizes that are available to you. Be sure to always purchase the compression leg sleeves that are your specific size, as they will not offer the benefits that you want if they don’t fit correctly. Wear them regularly in order to see the benefits that come from using a well-made pair of compression leg sleeves. With proper care and cleaning according to the washing instructions, our compression leg sleeves and other compression products will last for many wears.