compression sleeves

Compression Leg Sleeves


Compression leg sleeves

Our compression calf sleeves use our state of the art graduated compression technology to help you to hike farther, run faster, and reduce soreness with every step. Calf sleeves are a great alternative to compression socks if you have your own pair of ankle socks you prefer to wear, or if you like your feet to be free in the warmer months. Compression sleeves have been used by athletes for years to boost circulation and improve recovery. Many runners who get shin splints swear by compression sleeves for recovery.  

Do calf sleeves help shin splints?

Compression calf sleeves can help, compression socks can also help shin splints. Either compression garment can be useful at a given time. We wrote a guide on when to choose compression socks or compression calf sleeves if you ever need help.

What makes compression sleeves so great?

Our compression sleeves are made with our custom nylon blend, which increases breathability. Our nylon compression socks and sleeves are loved by athletes for their superior stretch and performance. If you are looking for full leg compression that leaves your feet free, check out our compression tights as well!

A note on compression sleeves: We don't recommend them for more sedentary activities like travel. Since compression sleeves stop at the top of the ankle, they're not as effective at preventing swelling. True graduated compression socks or full tights, on the other hand, are very effective at preventing swelling and are perfect for any occasion - sitting or standing for long periods, workouts or travel. Compression sleeves are great for activity, soreness, and light use, however they will not be as effective medically.