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Become an AffiliateWant to promote VIM & VIGR on your website and/or social media platforms and be rewarded for the sales your content generates? Become an Affiliate Partner with VIM & VIGR!

How do I join the VIM & VIGR Affiliate Program?

  • VIM & VIGR uses the third-party website ShareaSale to connect you with our brand. Once you have registered as an Affiliate on ShareaSale, find the Merchant Page for VIM & VIGR and apply to our program. Our Merchant ID is 72414. After you have applied, your application will be reviewed and if you are a good fit, you will be accepted and contacted by our program director. 

What do I receive for promoting VIM & VIGR?

  • You'll receive 15% Commission from every sale your site drives! Write a blog post about VIM & VIGR Compression Legwear, share a review, or market our products on your website, linking back to throughout your content. ShareaSale records and monitors all completed transactions that take place from the links on your website. Once a sale is complete, you are rewarded 15% of the total order amount. This commission is paid to you directly through your ShareaSale account. 

How do I know if a transaction has taken place?

  • All of your transactions are recorded and reported to you through ShareaSale. VIM & VIGR is also alerted when your website drives a sale. The more sales you drive, the more money you earn! 

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    Sizing, Fabric & Compression Levels Guide

    Size Chart:

    We have a different sizing chart depending on the type of compression garment. Please consider your foot and calf circumference when choosing your size.

    If you're in between sizes, ask yourself a few questions:
    What is my body type? Will I be more comfortable in a size up or down? Take your body type into consideration when choosing a size especially if you're in between sizes.

    Size Chart - VIM & VIGR Fashionable Compression Legwear

    Sleeves & Tights


    Fabric Collections:


    • 400 needle-count for flexibility and comfort
    • Excellent for athletic use
    • Multi-dimensional weave allows for breathability
    • Composition: 82% Nylon/18% Spandex


    • 400 needle-count for flexibility and comfort
    • Moisture-wicking fabric to draw sweat and moisture off of the skin
    • Multi-dimensional weave allows for breathability
    • Composition: 75% Moisture-wick polyester/13% Nylon/12% Spandex


    • 200 needle-count for flexibility and comfort
    • Natural breathability
    • High-quality double covered elastic fibers and premium cotton
    • Composition: 48% Cotton/42% Nylon/10% Spandex


    • 200 needle-count for flexibility and comfort
    • Natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties
    • High-quality double covered elastic fibers and fine Merino wool
    • Light-cushioned sole
    • Composition: 40% Merino wool/45% Nylon/15% Spandex

    Garment Care:

    Machine wash after each wear, delicate and cold.

    Air dry is preferred to maintain the elasticity and quality of fabrics.

    Compression Levels:

    Compression garments are made in a variety of support levels, each of which is designed to address different needs. These levels are most commonly expressed in millimeters of mercury (abbreviated as mmHg). Generally, graduated compression is displayed in ranges. The higher the numerical value, the stronger the support level indicated. For example, a 20-30 mmHg garment will offer more support and feel tighter than a 15-20 mmHg garment.

    All of VIM & VIGR’s products are offered in 15-20 mmHg compression level and select styles are available in 20-30 mmHg.

    VIM & VIGR Compression Levels

    How to put on compression socks:

    Slip your arm into the sock until your fingers reach the toes. Your palm should be resting in the sock's heel. 

    Starting at the cuff, fold the sock over until it meets the heel. Make sure to fold the sock onto itself.

    With the sock still inverted, pull the foot of the sock firmly onto your foot. Make sure your toes are securely in the toe pocket. Starting with the cuff, gradually roll the sock up.

    Adjust so that your heel is properly positioned in the heel pocket and the cuff sits below the knee. Make sure the cuff is not pulled up too high.