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Love my new butterflies compression socks.

Solid (Moisture-wick Nylon)

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Mark J Goldberg

Perfectly Perky

Easy to put on & fun to wear. Professional medical grade stockings. Plus, this company has EXCELLENT customer service! Dont hesitate to purchase from them.

Soft and Supportive

These socks are soft and supportive — wore them recently on a long flight. And, the striped pattern/colors are really current. My only complaint, wearing them in warmer weather, is that they’re a little thick. They’ll be perfect w/ boots just a little too thick for sneaker weather!

Love them


Am 68-year-old return customer with lower leg swelling. These stocking provide much needed therapeutic support and compression.

20-30 mmHg: Carlton Stripe (Merino Wool)


strong and lasting, yet simply to apply

same as above

3 words: I LOVE THEM! Ok more words. So comfortable and not too hard to put on. I’m a nurse and my feet don’t hurt at the end of my 12 hour shift. Wear them on my days off and sometimes I wear them to sleep. Selling in my legs/feet have gone down. They are a little pricey compared to other compression socks I’ve purchased but you get what you pay for.

Walking with VIM and Vigor

Love my cotton Butterflies. Will be showing them to my Orthopedic Doctor today and ask about future needs for keeping me walking.

Give it a try!

Thought I’d give the compression sleeve a try and it’s turned into my favorite compression sock. As long as I have the sleeve, I can use a no show sock or insert if needed and it seems to do the trick. Sometimes the compression sock is a little too thick, this is the solution! Try it!

Love lavendar

Colorful playful designs add whimsy to my appearance as well as make travel more enjoyable.

Good quality compression socks

I had tried to cheaper socks and they were nylon material. The cotton makes them more comfortable and give a more substantial feel. Since this is my first time with compression socks, it seems there is quite a variety and it is difficult to tell if they are made properly, with having more compression at the ankles than gradually lesser on the calf area. This pair seemed to be more correct in that regard than others. Also, the additional size options help me get a good fit. There was no degradation after washing in cold water. I have ordered another pair with slightly less compression. Since they are difficult to put on, these seemed to slide across the part of the sock as you put them on, unlike the nylon or polyester material, which seems to not slide as well.

Comfort, Quality and Fun To Wear Compression Legwear!

First, I need to express how super Vim&Vigr's customer service is! They graciously honored me with a smooth, speedy exchange. I'm a 55 y.o. female, 5'5", 140 lbs, and wear a size 8 shoe, the size 2 in the Compression Leg Sleeves fits comfortably for day and nightwear. I love the freedom of having my feet bare while supporting my calves that have achy varicose veins. The quality seems high and the joyful prints and colors of the socks make me smile. :)

15-20 mmHg: Pinstripe (Cotton)

I'm not receive the order

Super comfortable

These are the most comfortable compression socks I've ever tried. The open toe makes it much more bearable to wear in the warmer weather and the fabric is very breathable. I love these!

Very comfy

Even after all day use. Way better than other brands that i have tried. I felt the support but with others , by the end of the day, my legs are often feeling uncomfortably squeezed and I can’t wait to get them off . And none of that strangling tightness feeling at the top . Will be buying more


I wanted to try them for long drives. It was a struggle to get them on and I was worried they would be too tight. Once I got them in place, they were comfortable and I basically forgot about them for the rest of the day. I’ll be using them again.

15-20 mmHg: Pinstripe (Cotton)
John H Rogers
Best compression socks ever!

I’ve tried several brands of compression socks and Vim & Vigr are the best! The cotton blend style is very comfortable to wear all day. They don’t slip down like others I’ve worn. I just wish they’d make the 15-20 mmHg in a toeless version. Then I’d buy more!

Comfy socks

Like the color. Fit excellent as always.

Best compression socks

I have needed to wear compression socks for the last twenty years, these are the best that I’ve found.

Sleeves work!

I do volunteer work for a 9 day festival and am on my feet for many hours each day. My feet may be tired at end of the day but not my legs! So glad you made red ones as that color matches our shirts!

Cute and Comfortable

I recently wore these on an 8 hour drive and found them non-binding and much more comfortable than any I have previously purchased. I've had a pulmonary embolism in the past and always wear compression socks/stockings when flying or driving long distance and these, although expensive, are simply the best. I don't even realize I'm wearing them!

These are a neat color and fun. Very comfortable.

These are comfortable, had to change size were a little tight at the top. The color was good.