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Not disappointed

I have many pairs of Vim&Vigor socks. This was the first time I ordered the "grab bag" selection and I was not disappointed. Both pairs of socks were cotton - one pattern and one solid - which is the fabric I always order. Since they don't guarantee a specific fabric or pattern, I might have just lucked out this time. Anyway, I would recommend trying the "grab bag" since it is a great deal on a great product.

Love them!

Another super cute & the most comfortable pair of compression socks on the market. Great for working long shifts or anytime. Prevents leg fatigue.

Best socks!

I work in healthcare and am always on my feet, I have tried other compression socks, but none like these. Thank you!


I like the socks a lot. It would be great to see more cotton compression socks in light colors for summer. I live in Florida, summers are very hot & humid, I try to wear compression socks but it's hard in summer. The lighter color socks I received were nice & light.

Great socks made great gift

Great socks in “grab bag,” but both were in browns, which I do not wear. My friend was very appreciative!

15-20 mmHg: Special Edition Solid (Cotton)

Great fit

I have been wearing compression stockings for three years due to DVT. I find these very comfortable easy to put on. They match up to any other brand I have tried or are 100per cent better. I would recommend them to anyone.


Love these. I have a few pairs of this style and I wear them all day at work. Super comfortable.

I like these!

The socks are SO much better than the old lady compression hose I usually wear. Thanks!

The Perfect Fit

I love the style, coloring of these compression socks. The wide calf size makes it the perfect fit.

I Love my compression socks not too tight just perfect

15-20 mmHg: Heathered Collection (Cotton)

love these

I love these compression sleeves- I have them in both colors. I have swelling in my calves and these really help- they feel great.

Leg Compression Sleeves - Perfect!

These are just the product I need for my legs. It targets the area that needs the compression, not my feet. I love them!

Best socks

My husband and I both love the way these socks make our legs feel. All day long.

Good fit

They are a very good quality, but a bit long since my mom is a short chubby person. They do attract a lot of little hairs that make them dirty fast. She likes them though.


I’m quite pleased with my compression leg sleeves. They have just the right amount of compression. I only wish two things: 1) Petite leg length option 2) A “sheer” version for wearing underneath skinny jeans.

Good Deal!

Very happy with my new pairs of compression stockings at a good price

Life and mood enhancing!

I love these socks. No more wearing an extra pair to hide compression hose. Thank you so much they are wonderful ❣️❣️


Liked them felt good.

cute socks

Wasn't sure what I'd get, but was pleasantly surprised to receive two very pretty pairs of cotton socks - I prefer cotton so that was a bonus. I would do this again, and I just referred an acquaintance of mine to your website.

15-20 mmHg: Falling Stripe (Nylon)
Love these

Great socks... Any they makr my legs feel feel great.

Great product


Ordered again

I have several pair of your compression socks. I especially like the heathered collection. I highly recommend them.

They look great

I bought two pair when they were available as the look was what I wanted. The nurses at the doctor's office love them and asked where I got them as they wear elastic socks but not as good looking as mine. They got the name from me. I enjoy them, they do not ride down and fully provide the pressure I have needed for all day wear.