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Perfect compression socks

You dont feel like you are wearing it at all not tight and my legs are not tired after my 8 hours shift.. Excellent compression socks

New favorite brand for compression

These socks have true compression and bring the comfort. The wide band prevents the top from cutting in. I like open toes so I can still wear open toe shoes. Great for summer.

The Right Design

These socks have enough room in the toes. The foot is long enough my toes are not squashed. The band on top of the socks is wide enough to provide proper comfort without cutting in. I am petite and have small feet yet these are all problems I have had with other brands of compression socks. The bonus with these socks is you get a pattern that does not look like you are wearing compression socks. I recommend. The compression feels like true compression not like tight socks. Well done.

You Outta Gnome!

These are so cute! My favorite print yet. I also was a little reluctant to order the wool because I can be a bit sensitive to wool, but they are very soft and comfortable. -not the least bit itchy. I don’t actually like wearing compression socks very much, but I was instructed to by my doc, so I’m very happy to find such cute and comfortable ones! I’ll by buying more.

Best compression socks ever!

After years of wearing Supphose at work in hospital, I am thankful to have learned about your product from my vein doctor. They are easy to put on and take off and they breathe!

Open Toe Compression socks

Great fit! I like that there is no restriction on my toes, please add some colors I need more than 2 colors.

Thank You,


Best ever

I enjoy the fact that these stocking stay up ! They are made extremely well and will continue to purchase more. Only complaint is the price. They are pricey for people who live on social security but need items like this. Other than that, totally please with product and company. Thank you !

15-20 mmHg: Solid (Merino Wool)

Super stylish and high quality

I ordered many different brands off amazon- all “compression”- be sure Medical grade. These are high quality and cute. I have big / fair amount of fat around my knees but way these are made they dont hurt and stay up. Highly recommend.

Just need thigh high versions for thosevof us who need thigh compression but cant stand it around out waists :)

Only neg: heather ones were disappointingly rough.


I have tried other brands of compression socks, but I was never happy with the results! I decided to try one more time, and I am so happy that I did! VIM & VIGR are so comfortable! My ankles no longer swell, my legs no longer ache, and I have no swelling above the top of the socks! I am super impressed! I will definitely be buying more!


I love the socks but the upper band is so tight it leaves impressions in my skin.


Personally I love the merino wool socks. They are NOT itchy, they keep my feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I’m glad that Vim & Vigr has been expanding their designs to include something other than strips. The woodland gnomes and a bright pop of color with a whimsical design.

So Cute, So Comfy

I'm wearing them right now. They are comfy as only Vim&Vigr socks are, AND they're adorable. The design doesn't even get ugly when they are more expanded. Good job on these, wish I'd bought three. Still might.

Love Them

Couldn't resist these lil guys. This is my first merino wool pair and they are stretchier than I expected. The design whitens out a little higher up the leg but that's probably unavoidable. Overall very comfy special little socks, happy with my purchase and will continue to buy Vim&Vigr socks. The new designs lately have been fantastic! Not to mention of course that they fit better than most other brands (most are too long) and that they let me stand up without medical problems.

15-20 mmHg: Heathered Collection (Cotton)

Functional and aesthetic

great for their medical purpose, and probably the best looking stockings on the market. However if you have smaller feet I'd recommend getting the footless stocking as they don't fit well and are harder to put on and take off.

Very comfortable

Great compression, yet feels light

Socks that keep me from exploding

These are fine.


I wore compression socks for a long time, then stopped. Now I am back wearing them since I stand for 10+ hour shifts. These really really help me. My legs don’t feel so achey when I get out of work. My ankles are no longer swelling, though I can see the swelling happening above the socks after I’ve worked a full day. I got this pair and then two mystery packs, for a total of 5 pairs. I plan on collecting more of these. I love fun socks. And now I have a pair of clear clogs, so everyone else has been commenting on my cute socks. I have been burned a few times by other compression socks that I have purchased online, but these are fantastic, so I’ll be staying with this company.

Nice socks but couldn't wear them because they were too tight😔

They are great so far

I wish I found these sooner!

I have been wearing compression stockings daily for years for chronic venous insufficiency and I have tried a bunch of different brands. All of the other brands I have tried start sagging immediate and I am hiking them up throughout the day. This is the first pair that is nearly sag free. The absolute most comfortable compression stocking I have ever worn. I wish I found these sooner and will not be going back to the other brands. These are less expensive too! So happy with these! I do wish they offered toeless or footless options that end at the ankle since but I will take what I can get!

Stripes for the Win!

I can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all year long with these wide green stripes!