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Hooray for Montana Plaid

I love my Montana Plaid compression socks. These socks make me happy when I wear them and they are so comfortable. I would really recommend Vim &
Vigr to anyone who needs to get some compression socks.

Love the fun design

I have not worn these yet, but they are even prettier than expected! They will look cute with my sandals and capris this summer! Love the fun lavender heels and toes and the colorful design ! The support Vim and VIGR socks give my legs is wonderful- no swelling at the end of the day. The quality is exceptional- wish the cost was less, but I try to get them on sale when possible. I have many pairs , and they always are nicer in person when they arrive!

20-30 mmHg: Birds (Cotton)
Mary Anne Gagnon

Love the color and design. Like the fit and comfort of all my V&V socks.

comfortable and good quality


I love these compression socks, my feet are always cold, so the merino wool takes care of that and the compression help my legs at work. Fabulous ite,=m

My fav compression socks!

These are the most comfortable ans supportive socks I've bought so far. They were a bit of a splurge but I've had a vein procedure and need to wear compression socks constantly. These fit well and feel great all day

M/L wide calf -

Great quality. Super comfy. A little large in the heel, I ordered M/L Wide Calf as according to the size chart. Definitely appreciate the wide calf.

Wear them all the time!

Best Compression Leg Sleeves for bulging varicose veins!

they have great color and strength, my older pairs have lasted a long time so I am confident these will too

15-20 mmHg: Bison (Cotton)
Kathleen Rowland

Cute pattern with bison! Easy to pull on and have good support after a total knee replacement. Compression socks help with swelling, but I like them so much that I will continue wearing them.

Cheers for bison

I love these compression socks. They are so comfortable I forget that I'm wearing compression socks. These are so pretty and cheerful.

Wonderful compression socks

I love these socks! I just bought more so I’d have a pair to wear every day to work (in an operating room).

Great looking compression socks

It is no surprise that I love this new compression sock because I own many more and everyone is a keeper. Great designs and the fit is spot on. Keep them coming. Great service, too!

Cute compression

As always, cute compression knee-high socks reign superior over traditional white TEDs (hospital white compression socks/stockings).

Cute compression

As always, cute compression knee-high socks reign superior over traditional white TEDs (hospital white compression socks/stockings).

Appreciate that the socks stay up!!!

Comfortable Support

Love the cotton blend pinstripe...very comfortable.

Never knew compression socks could be stylish and work so well!

When compression socks were suggested to me for swelling, I cringed because I remember the dreary beige heavy weave socks of yesteryear. Not these! They are so great looking, but more importantly, they're so comfortable, and they do exactly what they're supposed to. In my case, they stopped the swelling completely. Love these socks!

15-20 mmHg: Bison (Cotton)

Love them!

Great socks

Love the colors; just right for early Spring.

Great Compression Socks

I purchased 2 pairs of the wide calf compression socks because I have large calf’s for a women between 19”-20” and the size chart indicates they’re good up to 21”. Unfortunately, they were still to small for my calf’s which was a big disappointment. Lucky for me, they fit my husband who has rather small legs and calf’s so I didn’t have to return them. My husband is delighted with how they help his legs. The quality of these compression socks is great too so I highly recommend them. Just beware the sizes run small in my experience.

Snug and comfy

These compression socks fit and felt terrific. After standing and working for 6 hours my legs didn’t feel fatigued.


I really love my compression socks. The new ones are pretty and fit well. I now have 3 pair and will replace them as needed in the future with another purchase.

Best friends and best socks

These socks are wonderful in the fact they provide the perfect amount of support for me without being uncomfortable. The best friend socks look great with blue jeans.