How to Put On Open Toe Compression Stockings the Easy Way

 Whether you wear compression leggings, stockings or socks because of the great benefits they can provide in everyday life, for support during exercise and/or long travels, or for a medical reason, you know that variety is key with these garments. Having different styles and colors is great, as are the different levels of compression that you can choose to ease into wearing compression socks.  

 How to Put On Open Toe Compression Stockings

Open toe compression stockings are a great new way to get the benefits of compression wear while adapting them to your fashion style or the weather. How can you put them on and wear open toe compression stockings the most comfortably? 

Read on to find out all you need to know about how to wear open toe compression stockings and socks. 

When to Wear Open Toe Compression Stockings 

Before we look at the practical aspects of wearing and putting on compression stockings with open toes, let’s first assess where and when these garments are the most helpful. We know that wearing compression socks is a great help to prevent blood from pooling around your lower limbs, preventing long-term issues such as varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). So, why then release part of the compression on your feet by resorting to open toes? 

Firstly, having open toes doesn’t take away from the feeling of compression on the lower limbs overall. In fact, your greatest compression levels are felt around the moving joints, e.g. the ankle, so that will still be very much supported in an open toe compression sock. You are still getting the benefit on your blood circulation at calf / lower leg level, too. 

Secondly, choosing open toe compression stockings can be a practical requirement. For example, if you suffer from a medical condition linked to your toes, such as a toe nail fungal infection, or if your toes get too cramped and potentially uncomfortable in regular compression socks, choosing an open toe model is ideal. It allows you easy access to you toes and they can simply breathe better. 

Moreover, open toe compression stockings are a great choice in the summer, when you want more fresh air going to your toes, or when you want to wear open toe shoes or flip flops. It is simply more practical, and it goes along with the rest of your outfit! 

Finally, for many people, open toe compression socks are easier to put on and pull off than the fully covered up kind. We’ll look into that below. 

How to Put On Open Toe Compression Stockings  

Open toe compression stockings work along the same principles as “regular” compression socks, and they need to be put on with care so that they fit you right and are comfortable. Here is a step-by-step guide on putting them on: 

  • Imagine making a sock puppet – put your hand inside the sock and grab the heel in your hand; 
  • Turn the sock inside out while holding on to the heel, bringing that part to the forefront; 
  • Step into your sock, placing the heel just underneath your own heel; 
  • Then unfold the sock gently, moving it up the ankle and over onto your calf – depending on how far it goes; 
  • Leave a small fold just over the foot and then return to it, putting your finger into the fold and popping it over the heel; 
  • Smooth over any wrinkles and folds to ensure your open toe stockings fit perfectly and won’t cause any rubbing or discomfort. 

Tips for Putting Open Toe Compression Stockings on Someone Else  

If you help someone else don compression stockings, you can follow the same process, but be careful of how they are perceiving your movements. What seems to be gentle enough for you might hurt another person, especially if they are elderly, recovering from illness, or more sensitive. 

Our advice is to go through the steps above while sitting in front of your patient, as it will be easier and more comfortable for them to lift their foot and place it on your lap as you work through the motions.  

Is There an Easy Way to Take Off Open Toe Compression Stockings?  

While taking off any compression item can feel like a chore, all you need to do is be patient and careful when removing your open toe compression stockings. Start by grabbing the upper edge of the stocking with both hands and gently move your way down the leg, folding over the ankle as you come down.   

Pull softly as you remove the item over the back of your heels, and that’s it! Remember to wash your compression socks regularly and care for them to ensure they stay tight enough and keep the shape and style you like. You can find lots of advice about caring for your compression stockings here. 

How to Wear Open Toe Compression Socks  

As we’ve discussed, open toe compression socks and stockings are simply variations of the compression socks you may already be familiar with, adding in the benefit of leaving your toes to breathe. They can give you a comfort boost depending on temperature or if you have some issues with your toes such as bunions or fungal infections. They can also pair up with open toe shoes so you can carry on wearing what you like, when you like, regardless of the need for wearing compression garments. 

We recommend the following extra tips to make putting on open toe compression stockings and wearing them a breeze: 

  • Put them on in the morning or at the start of the activity / of your day – it’s easier to then go about your day undisturbed; moreover, your legs will be less swollen first thing in the morning while you’re still lying in bed (or before you’ve already done 2 hours of your long-haul flight!); 
  • Smooth out wrinkles from bottom to top – if you pull on your socks from the upper edge, you risk damaging them and it will just be frustrating;  if your stocking is too twisted or doesn’t sit quite right, the easiest thing is to take it off and put it on again from the start; 
  • Take off compression stockings gently and patiently; 
  • Practice makes perfect – the more you practice, the less your open toe compression stockings will have kinks and bunching as you put them on. 

Wearing Open Toe Compression Stockings With Your Open Toe Shoes 

The ability to marry up the benefits of compression with your favorite fashion or practical choice is what makes open toe compression stockings so great. You won’t need to forego wearing compression socks just because you’re hot or you want to wear open toe shoes. And you’ll probably find these open toe socks easier to put on, too! 

No matter what your choice is, compression socks and stockings can be a huge help to prevent blood clots, pains and discomfort, and general swelling of the legs. You can reach out for them when you’re on your feet all day, when you take a long-haul flight, or if recommended by your doctor. As long as you do your research about the compression levels that will work best for you, practice and experiment with different options, and remember to make your compression wear fun, you’ll get all the benefits!  

You can shop for lots of different styles of compression socks on our website and pick your next style now! 

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