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"You intend to look like the vision of loveliness from the moment you arrive at your honeymoon destination until you leave. But all sorts of things can happen on the trip over: your ankles may swell from a lack of circulation or your skin suddenly looks dull and dehydrated thanks to an airplane's dry, stale air. We talked to the experts about how to avoid such maladies so you can look beautiful on arrival!

Problem: Swollen feet and ankles 

Solution: "Keep your feet elevated on your carry-on tucked under the seat in front of you, and squeeze your calves as hard as you can a couple of times an hour," says Monya De, M.D., who practices internal medicine in Los Angeles. "Drink enough water to require two bathroom breaks on the plane." Try VIM & VIGR, compression socks that are not like the ones your grandma wore. They will keep your blood circulating by carrying oxygen throughout the body to better distribute to sore muscles and may prevent leg swelling, and reduce leg achiness and fatigue."


photo of a flying airplane with VIM & VIGR Compression Socks



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