SELF: 8 Highly Recommended Compression Socks for Long Flights, According to Frequent Travelers

Self article about compression socks for travel

"Ask anyone about compression socks, and chances are they'll mention Vim & Vigr, the brand that has partnered with vascular surgeons and vein clinics to create its line of compression socks—ranging from 15 mmHg all the way up to 30 mmHg. Three travel experts recommended them to SELF, with a big selling point being their printed colorways (that resemble colorful trouser socks) and their comfort level on long flights.

'I fly dozens of times a year, and for long flights I prefer to wear 20–30 mmHg, which gives me more support. It also means they are a bit difficult to put on, like trying to squeeze your body into Spanx two sizes too small! I like the ones from Vim & Vigr. They have a lot of cute patterns, and they offer sizes with a wider calf if you need that. I’ve had some pairs for years and they hold up really well.' —Jan Schroder, editor in chief of the Travel 100

'A year ago I nearly died from a long-distance flight when I contracted blood clots and ended up with three pulmonary emboli in my lungs. Since then I've been on a mission to get people to wear compression socks, and I do for every flight now. I've settled on Vim & Vigr mainly because they are a brand from a medical background that offer various grades of compression and have cute prints.' —Sherry Ott, travel blogger"

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