The Struggle is Real – Really Important, That Is

Putting on compression socks, regardless of your shape, size or muscle power, can be a struggle, and when you’re breaking a sweat trying to get a tight, balled-up sock up your leg, it’s easy to forget why it’s a good thing. The truth is, VIM & VIGR’s compression socks don’t play around – they’re meant to give your calves a gentle, energizing squeeze from the moment you get out of bed, throughout your work day, during your errands and even after your evening workout. You won’t catch these socks drooping down your legs or stretching out over time, and don’t get us started on the health benefits! But, since you asked…By increasing your circulation and bringing freshly oxygenated blood back into your legs, VIM & VIGR’s compression socks help to energize legs, prevent swelling, alleviate achiness and heaviness, slow the progression of spider and varicose veins, ward off the development of DVT and aid in muscle recovery – need we say more? Without the integrally-knit graduated compression found in these socks (making them tight), you wouldn’t be able to receive this range of benefits.

Now that you’re convinced that the struggle of putting on your compression socks is real-ly important, here are our four easy steps for getting them on (with ease and grace, we might add):

how to wear VIM & VIGR Compression Socks step 1

Step One: Slip your arm into the sock until your fingers reach the toes. Your palm should be resting in the sock’s heel.

how to wear compression socks step 2

Step Two: Starting at the cuff, fold the sock over towards your hand until it meets the heel. Make sure to fold the sock onto itself.

how to wear compression socks step 3

Step Three: With the sock still inverted, pull it firmly onto your foot. Make sure your toes are securely in the toe pocket. Starting with the cuff, gradually roll the sock up.

how to wear compression socks step 4

Step Four: Adjust so that your heel is properly positioned in the heel pocket and the cuff sits below the knee. Make sure the cuff is not pulled up so high.

Other Tips:

  • Get the right size! We base our sizing off of your shoe size and calf circumference – for more info, check out our size chart here.
  • After each wear, be sure to machine wash on delicate and cold settings. Always air dry to help maintain the elasticity and quality of the fabric.
  • Wear the correct compression level. We offer compression levels of 15-20 mmHg (moderate) and 20-30 mmHg (medical grade, moderate to firm). You should consult with your healthcare provider before wearing the medical grade level of support.

The next time you’re between a sock and a hard place, remember these instructions and tips, and know that the struggle will only strengthen your relationship with your VIM & VIGR compression socks! Have any other suggestions? Leave them in a comment below.

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