VIM & VIGR Founder Michelle Huie Talks Travel Essentials

VIM & VIGR founder Michelle Huie is a woman with some seriously enviable frequent flyer miles. Whether she’s heading to another tradeshow, visiting family or hitting a conference, Michelle is always on the go. She spends about 200 days out of the year on the road and flies at least 30 times a year (you know she’s rocking her compression socks through it all!). Since so many of us travel during this time of year for weddings, marathons, vacations and more, we asked Michelle to share her top travel essentials with us – take a look at what she said!

Running Kicks “The best way to fight jet lag is by getting a good workout in. I love putting on my running sneakers and exploring a city by hitting the pavement. Going on runs helps me stay awake and energized, even when I’m feeling drowsy and just want to sleep. It also feels amazing to get my blood circulating again after a long flight or car ride!

Apps! “If you’re a runner or a walker, I suggest downloading MapMyRun to your phone. It provides you with awesome suggestions for running (or walking!) routes from any location. When it comes to staying connected, I’m always sure to download apps that allow me to keep in touch with my friends and family, especially when I’m overseas. WhatsApp is my go-to. It’s cool enough so that my nieces and nephews won’t feel dorky using it, but not overly complicated to the point that my dad wouldn’t know how to navigate it.”

Socks that Rock “If you haven’t worn compression socks before – especially while traveling – then you have no idea what you’re missing. They make a huge difference in not only how you feel during your travel, but also for days after. There’s nothing worse than packing cute shoes for your trip, only to find out that your feet are too swollen to wear them! Plus, long flights increase your chances of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a potentially life-threatening condition caused by poor circulation. Make sure to move around every 30 minutes and stay hydrated.”

Water Bottles “I always carry my HydroFlask water bottle with me every time I travel. I check into my flight with an empty bottle and then have the flight attendant fill it up during their service. It’s a great way to save money, save the environment and keep hydrated! Plus, most hotel gyms have big water coolers or filtered water so I can fill up again when I’m in the hotel. You can never drink too much H2O!”

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