A Day in Trisha Drobeck’s (Running) Shoes

Over the weekend our amazing friend and #VIMVIGRgirl Trisha Drobeck took over VIM & VIGR’s Instagram account to give us a behind-the-scenes look into her daily routine. As it turns out, Trisha isn’t one to post up on the couch and binge watch the latest series on Netflix (even on a Sunday!). Instead, this Montanan got up bright and early, spent a good amount of her day training for the Olympic Trials (they’re only one week away!) and even got some work in ­­– you go, girl! Without further ado, we bring you one day in Trisha’s (running) shoes:

Trisha Drobeck holding her coffee and her cat Wylie


“Good morning! There’s no better way to start the day than coffee with Wylie.” - @trishadrobeck

Trisha Drobeck on threadmill

Let the running begin!

“What comes next? Me getting sweaty on the treadmill rocking out to Michael Jackson!” – @trishadrobeck

Trisha Drobeck cooling down wearing compression socks


Did we mention that she’s also nursing an injury? Torn tendon…ouch.

“Hammy stretch!” - @trishadrobeck


Trisha Drobeck on dumbells wearing compression socks

Strength training for stronger arms, legs and core is all part of Trisha’s overall training strategy.

“Out here getting’ strong, folks!” - @trishadrobeck

Trisha Drobeck and her coffee


When Trisha isn’t at the gym or on a run, she’s working full-time as a sales rep for a global company. How’s that for balanced?!

“Headed to work for a few hours this afternoon. I needed a pick me up, so I snagged my fav dirty chai from City Brew!” - @trishadrobeck


Trisha Drobeck wearing compression socks with her cookie and drink

After a day full of running, weight lifting and working, it’s always nice to cozy up in your favorite recovery compression socks while enjoying good company and treats!

“At an evening potluck, and someone brought my favorite chocolate chip cookies! I hope to fill this cup with celebratory spirits after the Trials…Thank you all for following my takeover today! I’m signing off, but I’ll see you soon!” - @trishadrobeck

Big thanks to the incredible, energy-filled Trisha ­– we loved getting a glimpse into her life and we can hardly wait for the Olympic Trials! Thank you all for tuning into our first ever Instagram takeover! What was your favorite part?  

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  • Jennifer Fisher

    Good luck this weekend Trisha!

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