Compression Socks: Not Your Average Stocking Stuffer

When did getting socks for Christmas turn into a bad thing? This holiday season, we’re turning the sighs of, “socks again?” into exclamations of “compression socks, finally!” How? Well, VIM & VIGR’s diverse selection of compression socks are far from ordinary, and are sure to offer something for every person on your list. Give the gift of comfort, warmth and style (not to mention a long list of health benefits) to those you love this holiday season:

  • For the athlete – The extra squeeze of compression socks will energize post-workout legs, reduce achiness and provide a speedier recovery after tough workouts and/or sports related injuries like shin splints. We recommend nylon or moisture-wick nylon for your cousin with the “26.2” bumper sticker.
  • For the jetsetter – With our stylish compression pieces, you won't suffer from uncomfortable leg swelling after sedentary time on long flights (hey, it happens to the best of us!). Dad will thank you for the circulation boost when he’s sitting middle seat on his next business flight…
  • For the mom-to-be – A growing belly increases the chance of developing spider and varicose veins, causes poor circulation and oftentimes leads to some serious pain and swelling in the legs. Your pregnant BFF may not be able to drink coffee, but she will feel a lot more energized with a pair of fashionable compression socks or tights to get her through the day.
  • For the fashionista – When in the history of fashion could you find something cute, comfortable AND good for you? Our statement socks are the perfect accessory to add a healthy dose of personality to your wardrobe during any season. You know your stylish little sis is already pinning our socks to her Pinterest board!

The fact of the matter is that compression socks make great gifts for anyone and everyone on your list! The extra squeeze that compression socks offer alleviates swelling and achiness through integrally-knit graduated compression technology, mimicking your legs’ natural pumping mechanism (even when you are standing or sitting) to increase blood flow and prevent deep vein thrombosis, the formation of blood clots and improve circulation – they’re a gift that keeps on giving the whole year round! Don’t miss out on our free shipping offer, ending tomorrow (12/20) – use the code DECSHIP at checkout to redeem!


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