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The Benefits of Compression Socks for Seniors

There are a variety of reasons to consider compression socks for the elderly. Benefits range from physical to emotional, and there are almost no side effects associated. We asked a senior living expert to talk to us about the benefits of compression socks for the elderly, that’s later in this article. But first, let's go over some of the symptoms of poor circulation, and how compression socks can help.

Reduced Risk of Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency occurs when your veins are unable to bring blood back up to your heart. A variety of things can cause venous insufficiency, pregnancy, lack of exercise, genetics, swelling, high blood pressure, standing or sitting for long periods of time, smoking, blood clots. In many cases, venous insufficiency is a byproduct of another ailment. Symptoms include swollen feet, varicose veins, and pain in your feet and legs such as cramps. As always consult with your doctor if you experiencing these symptoms as they can be indication of something serious. Compression socks reduce the risk of venous insufficiency by gently compressing your legs to help the blood to move back up to your heart. Gravity can be a pesky thing for healthy circulation as it pulls blood back up, compression socks are a great way to combat this. As we get older and our bodies and lifestyles change, our bodies sometimes have a hard time keeping up with normal functions. Compression socks for the elderly can help to reduce the risk of venous insufficiency. 

Reduced Foot and Leg Pain

Foot and leg pain can be associated with venous insufficiency, as we covered above. However, it is often a symptom of other circulatory issues as well. Incorporating compressions socks into seniors' wardrobes can dramatically reduce foot and leg pain associated with bad circulation. In addition, it can prevent pain down the road. Pain is in many cases the body's way of telling us something is wrong, and addressing pain sooner rather than later is important to its resolution. When choosing compression socks for the elderly, it is also important to find well-fitted compression socks. We will cover this more extensively at the end of this blog, but well-fitted socks can be the key to comfort for seniors. At Vim & Vigr, we have 6 unique sizes that include wide calf compression socks to ensure that our socks fit comfortably and provide the proper relief. If compression socks have caused discomfort in the past, the problem could be the sizing. Compression socks are supposed to be comfortable and give a gentle hug to your legs. So if they cause discomfort then your socks may be sized wrong.

 Reduced Swelling in the Feet and Ankles

Much like foot and leg pain, swelling can also be a symptom indicating a larger issue. However, sometimes swelling can also be connected to lifestyle and activity level. As we grow older, our ability to get outside and move becomes more limited. Sitting for long periods of time can often cause swelling in the feet and ankles. We recommend compression socks for the elderly in order to combat the swelling associated with decreased activity and venous insufficiency. A positive byproduct of compression socks for the elderly is increased energy due to better circulation. This is another way to combat swelling in the feet and ankles.

Holly Klamer is a connector with Senior Guidance and Senior Living help that provides comprehensive resources on various senior living options. We asked Holly Kramer to talk with us about the benefits of compression socks for seniors. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and happily agreed to help us out.

Guest Blog by Holly Kramer.


For seniors adjusting to living in senior communities, and nursing homes, it’s very important to be proactive about staying healthy. Taking care of your health is crucial to living a happy, comfortable life. One item that is very helpful for seniors who struggle with health problems is compression socks. Compression stockings are affordable and easy to find, and they can have huge benefits for seniors. Here’s why seniors should consider adding compression socks to their wardrobe.

Reduced Risk of Blood Clots

The biggest advantage of compression socks for seniors is that they help improve your circulation and reduce your risk of blot clots overall. As you age, your risk of blood clots gets higher, particularly if you are genetically predisposed to them. Compression socks work well as diabetic socks by putting gentle pressure on the feet and calves, pushing the blood around faster in your body, therefore reducing the likelihood of experiencing a blood clot. Blood clots can be life-threatening in some circumstances, so it’s very important to be aware of them and do what you can to mitigate the risks.

Reduced Risk of Varicose Veins

With age often comes chronic pain in the muscles and joints. This pain can be quite debilitating and reduces mobility and independence for seniors. Compression socks can reduce the chronic pain associated with getting older, particularly if you have issues such as varicose veins or ankle and knee issues. They reduce swelling, which is often something that is associated with pain. For seniors, compression socks are a wonderful tool for increasing mobility and independence while dealing with injuries or illnesses relating to the lower legs.

Safe Pain Mitigation Method 

Another big benefit of wearing compression socks for seniors is they are a very safe way to treat problems in the lower leg. They can be worn throughout the day to increase blood flow to the affected area with virtually no side effects. In addition to wearing them for varicose veins or chronic pain, many seniors wear them after surgery in this area to mitigate the associated pain of such a large medical treatment. It’s very important to talk to your doctor to make sure you’re using the socks in as safe a way as possible.

Renewed Independence

A big challenge for many seniors is finding ways to do the things they used to love or even continue to work if they desire. It can be difficult to be up and about if you experience pain in your legs and feet while standing. Compression socks are very helpful for this because they make it much easier to stand and walk for long periods of time. This means that seniors exercise, socialize, or even work with much more ease and freedom.

Stylish and Easy to Wear

Compression socks come in many sizes and colors, many sizes and colors, so it’s very easy to find one that suits your needs. They come in fun colors and styles as well as a variety of fabrics. Knee-high compression socks fit underpants and shoes very easily. They are comfortable and don’t cause skin irritation or other types of discomfort.

Compression socks are an aspect of senior living help that many people don’t take advantage of - but should. Talk to your doctor about compression socks to determine if they could help your medical challenges. For many people, compression socks make all the difference when it comes to living an active and healthy life. As you transition into senior living, you can use compression socks to stay independent and enjoy being out and about without chronic pain or other medical symptoms.


Now, you may be wondering “how do I choose compression socks for my loved one?” 

How to Choose the Best Compression Socks for Elderly Loved Ones 

There are lifestyle and health factors that need to be taken into account when choosing compression socks for the elderly. Namely, If your loved one has a medical issue that requires compression, often times their doctor will have a recommendation for the compression level of their socks. Broadly speaking, the following is what we recommend for our 3 levels of compression:

  • 15-20 mmHg is light compression, which is great for travel, mild to moderate edema, pregnancy, achiness, spider and varicose veins.



  • 20-30 mmHg is medium compression, this moderate compression is great for edema, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), lymphedema, pre-and post-surgical applications and moderate varicose veins.


  • 30-40 mmHg is firm support that usually comes as a prescription from a doctor, used for treating conditions such as venous insufficiency, DVT, lymphedema and dysautonomia.



In addition to different levels of compression, we also have 4 different types of fabrics for our compression socks. Cotton is our most popular fabric, but Merino Wool, Nylon, and Moisture Wick Nylon are not far behind.

  • Cotton:
    • Known for its comfort and breathable nature. It’s great for sensitive skin and has the largest variety of designs.
  • Merino Wool:
    • A hikers delight. This sock keeps feet dry and warm and is made with the highest quality merino wool, making it more comfortable than a usual wool sock. 
  • Nylon:
    • Nylon is a classic fabric that is loved by many. Its 400 needle count weave makes it very smooth and durable.
  • Moisture Wick Nylon:
    • This fabric is great for warm climates as it keeps feet dry and comfortable. It is extremely light and breathable. 

The Best Socks for Seniors with Aching Feet

We think Vim & Vigr compression socks are the best compression socks for the elderly, but you don’t have to take our word for it, here are what some of our customers have to say:

Love these socks

My favorite socks ever. Help with aching legs a lot! Also their service and guarantee is the real deal.”

-Meg Hartwell

“Great Socks and lots more energy!...Who knew compression socks would be the fountain of youth!!!!” 

-Joanne Bates

“The best compression socks!!

I was a nurse for 40 plus years and have tried many kinds of compression socks but I have to say that your cotton socks are the best I have ever worn. I forget that I even have them on!”

-Marcia W

Choosing Safe Socks for Seniors

Vim & Vigr offers 6 unique sizes to ensure that our socks are as well fitted and comfortable as possible. It is extremely important to have well fitted compression socks to allow graduated compression to take place. This is because our socks are designed to be tightest at the ankle and to gradually hug blood back up the leg and to the heart. 

We also offer wide calf sizing to ensure absolute comfort. To determine the correct size for your loved one, you will need to know their foot size and calf circumference. To measure the calf, simply take a string to the largest part of the calf and measure it against a tape measure. Our size guide will then show you what size compression socks your loved one will need. 

Easy Compression Socks for Elderly to Put On

A common problem with compression socks for the elderly is that they are hard to put on. This can be aided by finding the right size, as we discussed before. Additionally, we provide 4 different fabrics to provide absolute comfort for seniors. We have cotton, nylon, merino wool, and moisture-wick nylon compression socks. Our cotton compression socks are great for the elderly because they are breathable, soft and stretchy. Additionally, we have many resources to help teach seniors easier ways to put on compression socks, such as the video below.

Compression socks for the elderly are an important part of aging. They not only offer relief, but they can be a preventative measure for these conditions. As always, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer free exchanges and returns so you can find your loved one their perfect compression sock.

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