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Women's Compression Socks


All of our women's compression socks are designed with a Gradient Knitting Technology to help increase circulation in the legs. All of our socks come in a moderate compression level of 15-20 mmHg which is perfect for all day, everyday wear. All styles are available in a Wide Calf Option and select styles are available in the 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg options. Read on to find out what makes our fun compression socks so special!

Compression socks have long been recommended to help prevent fatigue and relieve swelling for men and women alike. Doctors often prescribe compression socks and stockings to women for circulation problems and edema, because these compression garments help to improve blood flow to the legs.

Our women's medical compression socks and compression stockings come in different levels of support. The level that you choose will depend on your needs and overall comfort. Although socks that provide light compression therapy will help reduce swelling, women who have severe edema may do well to choose one that is heavier.

Compression socks, tights and stockings are designed to be comfortable. Women can choose knee high socks or compression stockings, either of which should fit snugly but should never restrict movement. If that happens, then trying a slight reposition or a different size may be in order.

Different Levels of Compression

The “mmHg” measurement on the package indicates the amount of compression in the compression socks, tights, or sleeves. It is a pressure measurement that stands for “millimeters of mercury”. This indicates the amount of pressure that will be on the leg. For example, a compression sock that is rated with a 15-20 mmHg level of pressure will not go below or above that amount of pressure. Graduated compression therapy means that the highest level of pressure is at the base of the sock and gets lighter up the calf to provide the right amount of therapy. Our knee high compression stockings come in different sizes and fabric to ensure absolute comfort. 

15-20 mmHg is a mild-moderate amount of compression therapy. This is an everyday level of compression and is ideal for women who have to sit for long periods. Business people, lawyers, technology professionals and others with desk jobs will see benefit at this level. This kind of compression is also ideal for travelers who fly or take road trips, as well as people with mild to moderate edema or spider veins.

20-30 mmHg level provides medical-grade compression therapy. It’s best to consult with a physician before choosing this level to ensure this is right for your medical needs. These medical compression socks are frequently prescribed to improve moderate or severe circulation problems or to relieve discomfort caused by edema. Oftentimes, medical-grade compression socks are covered under insurance, either directly or by reimbursement when prescribed by a medical professional. Check your Medicare or insurance policy for details regarding coverage.

Different types of materials are used to meet the preference of the wearer. Nylon and moisture-wick nylon feel cool against the skin and help wick moisture away from the skin. Some women prefer our signature Cotton blend for breathability and comfort. Our Merino Wool Collection is popular for it’s natural breathability, odor-resistance, and excellent moisture wicking capabilities.

Wearing Compression Socks

How long should you wear compression socks each day? That will vary with each person, and depends on several factors:

First and foremost is the reason for wearing them. Women who simply want to wear them to improve circulation problems caused from sitting will benefit from wearing them all day. Similarly, women who have to be on their feet will benefit from wearing them all day. Retail or restaurant workers, salespeople, medical professionals and teachers will notice reduced leg fatigue, which can lead to more energy. Compressions are essential for nurses and caretakers.

People who are wearing compression socks due to illness, disease or other medical concerns should always follow the advice of their healthcare professional. A physician is the best and most reliable source of information when it comes to treating health conditions. Depending on the nature of the condition that is being treated, it may be necessary to wear them constantly.

Your compression socks from VIM & VIGR should last for months with proper care. Simply toss them in the washing machine on the delicate cycle or hand wash, and then hang them up to allow them to air dry.

We offer women’s compression socks in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns, so you can style any outfit. Shop with us today for compression socks that let you show your style!