VIM & VIGR’s National Nurses Week Giveaway: Nominate YOUR Nurse!

We can’t emphasize enough how important and impactful the work of a nurse is – these men and women are responsible for the care, comfort, safety, recovery and treatment of the healthy, the sick and the injured. They help us through our most challenging moments and celebrate through our greatest feats. The crazy part is that these incredible people work relentless shifts (we’re talking 10-12 hours!) and are often too busy to stop and eat, drink water, or even sit down. Because these superheroes need to stay healthy and deserve to be comfortable, VIM & VIGR is giving away free compression socks to nurses that YOU nominate every single day of National Nurses Week (May 6-May 12)! Whether you are a nurse and want to recognize one (or five) of your coworkers, or you’ve been a patient and had a great experience with your nurse, click here to nominate them and you both will have a chance to win a pair of VIM & VIGR’s stylish compression socks. Three winners will be selected randomly starting today through Thurday, May 12th, so don’t wait!

In the spirit of spreading the love, here are a few of the nominations that we’ve received so far:

"Jenneca is a rock star in our clinic! She is ALWAYS friendly, personable, great with patients, and is an amazing coworker. She always has a smile on her face, is approachable, and brings so much to MBJ." – Shayna J., MT

"Janet is the most amazing, compassionate nurse and leader I have ever worked with and seen in action!!" – Paula R., ID

"Max is a kick in the pants. She makes all of her patients laugh, and makes coming to work fun! She is an expert in ortho nursing and is always there as a resource. She exemplifies the profession." – Kacia B., MT 

"She transitioned to a busy Philadelphia ER, quickly attained a management position and runs a caring, tight ship, all while raising two young boys. She loves her VIM & VIGR socks and deserves another pair!" – David L., PA

"She is helpful, positive, knowledgeable, valuable, productive, and essential to keeping Dr. LaPorte running smoothly. She is also a great person." – Lori S., MT

"Christine followed in her mother's footsteps to a nursing career and is a loving and compassionate nurse. She is the future of nursing." – Kim B., NY

"She tends to over 1,500 students, 100-plus staff, and handles all of the questions from parents. Not only does she put band-aids on boo boo’s but she is also an advocate for our students." – Wendy N., MT

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