2022 VIM & VIGR Scholarship Recipients

This year, VIM & VIGR awarded two scholarships to students currently enrolled in an accredited 2+ year program to pursue a career in nursing. During nurses week, we donated $5 from every sock sold to our scholarship fund, ultimately raising a record setting amount of $6,830.

The theme of our Spring compression sock line was based around resilience, and the idea of bouncing back from adversity. The past couple years has been difficult for everyone, and healthcare workers have bravely worked through much adversity to ensure our safety. Our scholarship committee kept this in mind as we read through this years applications. As a final question on our application, we asked applicants what qualities they would want to see in the recipients of our scholarship. Consistent qualities are as follows: compassion, communication, empathy, and willingness to learn. Our team kept these qualities in mind as well.

With that said, it is our honor and pleasure to announce the scholarship recipients for 2022: Anthony Castellanos and Natalya Alcaraz!

Anthony and Natalyas stories of resilience inspired our committee, and ultimately were the deciding factor for our decision. 

Anthony Castellanos

Anthony Castellanos - scholarship winner

Anthony is a first-generation Chicano student in a family of five. Growing up, he translated and advocated for his Spanish speaking parents in appointments, which led him to want to do the same for patients. He enrolled in an EMT program that provided him with direct patient-care experience. This allowed him to come into contact with multilingual individuals in need of medical assistance, which further strengthened his communication, compassion, and expertise.

Anthony worked two jobs during COVID while maintaining an excellent G.P.A. and academic standing. Anthony will be attending The School of Nursing and Health Professions at University of San Fransisco in the Fall, and we are so excited to be part of his journey.

Natalya Alcaraz

Natalya Alcaraz - Scholarship winner

Natalya is also a first-generation college student, and worked hard to graduate from high school early and earn her Associate of Arts degree all while working a full time job. Natalya has been recognized for her hard work though promotions at her full time job, and recognizes that many of her future patients may have a plate as full as hers, and she is committed to providing them compassionate and empathetic care.

Natalya has proved to be an excellent student, maintaining a stellar G.P.A. while still working full time to support her family. In the Fall, she will be attending Oregon Health & Science University, and we have no doubt she will positively effect patients lives into the future. 

Anthony and Natalya's Favorite Socks

We asked Anthony and Natalya what their favorite compression socks were, Natalya enjoyed our Lemons Pattern because of the bright colors, while Anthony liked our Mountain Sun Pattern. We are so proud to have such promising future nurses wearing our socks, and wish them the best of luck into the future.


  • Bob Howard

    Congratulations Anthony and Natalya, keep up the good work, we need more people like you guys. Thank you for being willing to put out the extra effort to better yourself.

  • Bob Howard

    Congratulations Anthony and Natalya, keep up the good work, we need more people like you guys. Thank you for being willing to put out the extra effort to better yourself.

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