24 Hours in the Life of Stephanie Chow

Stephanie is gynecologic oncologist in training and works long days in the operating room. When she's not on shift, she can be found tending to her garden or cooking up new recipes in her kitchen. She started wearing VIM & VIGR compression socks at the recommendation of her co-workers a couple years ago, and hasn't stopped since!

In this blog, she takes us through 24 hours in her life, from work to play.


1:00 PM – Getting Ready

Stephanie washes hands before an operation

I’m getting ready for my last operation for the week. Mental and physical preparation is needed for these lengthy and complex cancer surgeries.

As a fellow in Gynecologic Oncology,* I perform surgeries for cancers that develop in the female organs. These surgeries can last anywhere from 3-4 to upwards of 12-14 hours!

* A fellowship is a continuation of more specialized training that some people do after medical school and residency.

8:00 PM – Home at Last

Stephanie takes off her compression socks

After a long day at work, I’m happy to come home! My VIM & VIGR compression socks save me from a lot of leg and feet pain from long days standing in the operating room. After a quick dinner, I’m ready for bed and eager to start the weekend.


8:00 AM – Going for a Run

Running in compression socks

It’s really important to maintain an active lifestyle. I love running around the neighborhood in my fabulously pink moisture-wick nylon compression socks!

9:00 AM – Gardening

Stephanie working in the garden

Whenever I get a chance, I tend to my garden. My garlic has sprouted! I can’t wait to harvest them later this year — talk about delayed gratification!

10:00 AM – Working hard, or hardly working?

Stephanie working at her desk

Even though it’s the weekend, there’s a lot to catch up on from the week and to prepare for the following week.

6:00 PM – Dinner Plans

Homemade chili

I love to cook! On the menu tonight is homemade spicy chili with cast iron corn bread. During the quarantine, I created a food and drink blog with all my favorite recipes on www.dietsarechowllenging.com.

12:01 AM – Happy Birthday!

Succulent birthday cake

My partner and I stay up, and when the clock strikes midnight, we celebrate my birthday! The crazy plant lady in me is squealing in delight because this cake is gorgeous!


compression socks for gardening

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