What’s in a Name?

Here at VIM & VIGR, we have an unwavering dedication to bring you stylish and functional compression gear that will essentially improve your life. This passion can be found in all things VIM & VIGR, from our carefully-curated designs and the high-quality fabrics to the way we listen to and care about each of our customers – even our name represents our enthusiasm! If you’ve ever wondered what the name “VIM & VIGR” is all about, here are three fun facts about it that you might not have known:

woman working out wearing VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
  1. It means vitality – “Vim and vigor” is actually an old expression meaning ‘full of vitality and enthusiasm’ that first became popular in the late 19th Both “vim” (Latin) and “vigor” mean strength – two is better than one, right? We were totally inspired by this concept.
  2. The upside down ‘&’ – Many people have asked us why the ampersand is upside down in our logo, and we’re here to reveal the reason: it represents graduated compression. How? Our gear works by squeezing tighter at the ankle for increased circulation throughout the leg – essentially upside down as well!
  3. They words are a perfect fit – VIM & VIGR founder Michelle Huie loved the idea of bringing this old phrase back with a modern twist (we lost the ‘o’ in vigor, for instance). Together, the name reflects exactly what you will gain from wearing our compression gear – energy, strength and spirit.

The story behind our company’s unique name reflects everything we are dedicated to providing in our compression socks. We’d love to know, what’s the story behind your name? Let us know in a comment below.

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