What’s Next for VIM & VIGR

We can hardly believe it, but VIM & VIGR is two years old! (It’s true what they say, they really do grow up fast!) Pinpointing our proudest moments so far is actually pretty tough, but they would definitely include building amazing relationships with our longtime and new consumers, being featured in The New York Times (amongst many others), getting into over 300 retailers around the country, and more. One of the most significant achievements that we’ve made, however, is the recent release of the VIM & VIGR compression leg sleeves. Our leg sleeves demonstrate that our brand has developed past a compression sock company and into a compression legwear company – for us, this is huge. With two solid years of hard work, learning and growth in the books, we are ready to take on this coming year with full force. We don’t want to spoil any of our upcoming surprises, so here are three hints about what you can expect from VIM & VIGR this year:

  1. New styles. This fall we will be unveiling some new styles in our compression sock collection, and we can hardly wait. It’s time to upgrade your socks!
  2. More legwear products. Gasp, we’ve said too much…Just know that these will become a staple in every woman’s winter wardrobe this year!
  3. New retailers. After attending dozens of tradeshows this year, VIM & VIGR will be making its way into over a hundred new retailers around the U.S. this year! Not to mention a very big, very fabulous retailer that you’re really going to be excited about…

Above all, we are truly grateful for the support and feedback from our fans. We are committed to continuing to provide nothing but the best so that you can live a healthier, more comfortable and stylish life. Still reading? Good – enjoy 10% off your next online purchase with promo code 2Year10!


  • Gloria

    When will you make these fabulous stockings for those of who have to wear higher compression socks— like 20-30. I need to wear them all day everyday. Would love to be able to look more jazzy! Please work on it. I am so bored with all the tans and blacks I have to wear.

  • Kathy Hawkins

    A daughter gave me my 1st pair for help during a long flight; worked so well and I loved them. Price/shipping is an issue for me , but then you had a free shipping/5 percent offer and I got another pair. Thank you for this special anniversary offer now – somehow I’ll have to decide which design to get!
    Told someone at my Y about them, she’s a tour director, and she bought 3pairs and loves them too! A college friend saw me wearing them on a flight to New Orleans and ordered some for herself also. FINALLY some cute styles for circulation help!
    Thanks for designing your product and congratulations on your anniversary and success.
    Kathy, Minnesota, 71years old – active cross country skier/biker

  • Char

    So proud of Michelle and the whole VIM & VIGR team!

  • George

    Way to go! Waka Susie!

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