Compression Socks for Arthritis: The Benefits + How They Work

Arthritis is a bothersome condition that refers to pain, swelling, or tenderness around the joints. There are hundreds of reasons a person could develop arthritis, and treatment can involve a variety of tools and methods. Many people with arthritis are discovering that using compression can relieve some discomfort associated with their conditions, such as edema, Plantar Fasciitis, and POTS.

Will Compression Socks Help Arthritis?  

The short and simple answer is: yes, but it depends. Arthritis can be caused by swelling, which compression socks work to reduce. However, there can be other cases where other treatments can be more effective. Understanding your arthritis is the most important part of treating it. 

Identifying your pain can be a powerful tool to fixing it. Plantar Fasciitis is another condition that causes discomfort in your feet. Many Podiatrists recommend compression socks for Plantar Fasciitis along with other treatment that may be different from arthritis. If you have identified that arthritis is your problem, then read on!

merino wool compression socks for arthritis

How Do Compression Socks Help with Arthritis? 

Compression socks help to reduce swelling, especially in the lower legs and feet. They do this by applying gentle and therapeutic pressure to the leg. Compression socks are knee high garments that gently squeeze the lower leg to prevent blood from pooling. Compression garments utilize something called graduated compression to guide blood safely back up to the heart. Graduated compression in the context of a compression sock entails that the garment is tightest around the ankle and lower leg, and progressively less tight. This prevents blood pooling and swelling in the ankle and legs. Graduated compression shares many of the benefits of giving yourself a foot massage, these two tools in combination can be a game changer for leg pain. Learn how to give yourself a leg massage here.

Since Arthritis can be caused by swelling around the joints, compression socks and massages can make a big difference in comfort. Compression socks also increase blood flow to the feet, this keeps swelling down, increases recovery, and improves mobility. Along with compression socks and leg massage, try these four stretches to help increase blood flow to your achy legs.

Why Does Compression Relieve Joint Pain? 

When our joints hurt, it is often caused by arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It’s caused by the natural deterioration of joint cartilage over time. When the cartilage surrounding your joint wears away, the bones rub up against each other. This can result in joint swelling, pain, and stiffness. Compression socks work to decrease swelling, and thus improve the consequences of that swelling. It should be noted that compression socks are mainly used to lessen the symptoms or arthritis, not cure it outright. 

Benefits of Compression Socks for Arthritis in the Feet, Ankles, and Toes 

Now you may be asking, “what are compression socks? Can socks really have so many benefits?” Our compression socks utilize something called graduated compression and use medical grade compression to gently hug your legs and help circulation. Graduated compression is tightest at the ankle and gradually gets less tight at the knee. This compression prevents blood from pooling in the ankles and legs. Graduated compression has been around for hundreds of years and helped countless people to live in comfort.  

Compression socks energize your legs, alleviate achiness, support muscle recovery, improve circulation, and so much more. Read more about the unexpected benefits of compression socks here! 

Compression Socks for Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) causes joint inflammation and pain. RA happens … 

“When the immune system doesn’t work properly and attacks the lining of the joints, called the synovium. The disease commonly affects the hands, knees or ankles, and usually the same joint on both sides of the body, such as both hands or both knees. But sometimes RA causes problems in other parts of the body as well, such as the eyes, heart and circulatory system and/or the lungs.” 

Here are some other benefits of using compression socks for arthritis: 

  • They are easy to put on and wear for a longer stretch of time, without side effects and discomfort; 
  • Compression socks come in a wide range of pressure levels, adapted for running or hiking, and can continue to be worn after the initial injury. In fact, they can prevent other injuries in the future as they maintain a good ankle position and adequate blood flow in the lower limbs; 
  • Unlike medical bandages that need to be changed and also applied correctly, compression socks are put on just like normal pairs of socks and don’t need to be removed after a specific length of time; 
  • Good-quality compression socks provide welcome relief from pain and swelling immediately upon wearing them; 
  • The stylish ranges available make them a welcome accessory and one that blends in with what you wear, without making it obvious that you have an injury. 

How to Wear Compression Socks for Arthritis 

Wearing compression socks for arthritis is just like wearing compression socks for any other condition. Putting on compression socks is notoriously difficult, but we have some simple steps to make it easier. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Putting on Your Compression Socks: 

  1. Slip your arm into the sock until your fingers reach the toes. Your palm should be resting in the sock's heel. 
  2. Starting at the cuff, fold the sock over towards your hand until it meets the heel. Make sure to fold the sock onto itself. 
  3. With the sock still inverted, pull it firmly onto your foot. Make sure your toes are securely in the toe pocket. Starting with the cuff, gradually roll the sock up. 
  4. Adjust so that your heel is properly positioned in the heel pocket and the cuff sits below the knee. Make sure the cuff is not pulled up too high and do not fold the cuff over. 

You can wear compression socks for as long as you are comfortable. You can even wear compression socks for 24 hours if your doctor permits.

 Best Compression Socks for Arthritis 

Finding a compression sock that is comfortable is extremely important for those with arthritis. This is because wearing compression socks is kind of like brushing your teeth, consistency matters! At Vim & Vigr, not only do we have 3 different compression levels to utilize, but we also have 6 different sizes and 4 different fabrics to choose from. This adds a “customizable” feel to your compression socks so they are perfect for you! Not only that, we design our socks to look stylish so you actually want to wear them every day! 

Vim & Vigr compression legwear is known for our 4 dynamic fabrics. These fabrics allow our socks to be worn in every season and almost every activity. Read on to find the perfect compression sock fabric for your unique situation.  



Our 200 needle count cotton blend is soft and made with natural fibers. The flexibility in our cotton fabric allows for our most spunky designs, and many customers report that their feet stay cool while wearing them - even in the summer months! 


We use the highest quality (sustainably sourced) Merino Wool for our socks. This 200 needle count fabric is known for its moisture-wicking and temperature regulating ways. Customers love this fabric for everyday wear, and for outdoor activities! 


For the longest time, we have knit our nylon socks on a 400 needle count machine, this left a high quality sleek feel to the sock, and a 4 way stretch that was unmatched. However, it limited our ability to make fun designs, and left a seam in the toe. In 2022, we released another version of our nylon sock called Choice Nylon. This uses the same fabric as our Classic Nylon socks, but leaves a softer feel and allows for more designs. All while eliminating the toe seam as well. We will be keeping our Classic and Choice Nylon around for a while, so let us know which one you like better! 

We also offer leg sleeves in Nylon and open toe compression socks in cotton which offer a way for people with arthritis to have their feet free but still benefit from compression. 


This high-quality nylon is also great for temperature regulation. It uses a different fabric than our Classic Nylon and Choice Nylon socks and is knit on a 400 needle count machine. These socks give the feeling of stockings and are loved by many of our customers!  

Compression socks can provide great relief to those with arthritis, however it really depends on your condition. Make sure consult with your doctor to confirm that compression socks are good for you. Additionally, make to to confirm what compression level they recommend. Many of our customers with arthritis enjoy 20-30 mmHg compression socks.

Shop stylish and functional compression socks online at Vim & Vigr!

Stylish and functional compression socks

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