Compression Socks Styled by Me, Worn by my Mom


Fall is here and that means so is fall fashion! This time of year, in my opinion, is the pinnacle of style. Layers, boots, and earth tones power us through before we are left wearing our snow gear for the rest of the winter, so take advantage of this short season.

My name is Teresa, and I am a sock enthusiast (in training) at VIM & VIGR (aka Marketing Intern). I am a retired college track and cross country athlete who, at one point, relied on compression socks to even make it through practice due to hard training and speed workouts. Even though I mostly trail run now, I still wear compression when I run. Interning at VIM & VIGR has been nothing short of amazing. Seeing the quality and design that goes into these socks just makes me want to dress them up and wear them out all the time. So that's what I did!

Since I get to wear VIM&VIGR socks to work every day, I thought it would be fun to dress someone else up for a change! I was visiting my parents that weekend and decided that my mom would be a perfect muse!

I went to my parent's house and volun-told my mom she needed to be my model. We had to style socks five different ways, with only her clothes. For my inspiration, I used VIM & VIGR’s Juliet Floral socks. My mother has had to use compression in the past, for varicose veins and other circulation issues. She was excited when I said we were going to style the socks so she could wear them out and still look cute.

For reference, my (mostly willing) model is all about comfort. She is the queen of cozy and can often be found in a pair of leggings. We found it was easy to match her usual outfits with the socks. Whether the socks were the star of the outfit or just a complementary accessory, my mom looked like the cozy fashionista she is!

Here's how we styled the socks:

Look 1: Booties and Basics

Don’t be afraid to roll your jeans! Chunky cuffs are great with boots and sweaters. It adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Plus, by showing the socks, they add a great peek of color to any outfit.

Woman wearing VIM & VIGR Compression Socks, black jeans, white shirt and booties.

 Getting cold? I grabbed a cardigan to add more dimension and layers to the outfit.

Woman in booties, cardigan and VIM & VIGR Compression Socks

Pictured: My Mom in some of her favorite comfy jeans, paired with some booties for sass! The booties are from Nordstrom.

Look 2: Boyfriend Jeans and Birkenstocks 
Woman in boyfriend jeans,VIM & VIGR Compression Socks and Birkenstocks.

Pictured: My mom and her boyfriend jeans (even though she has a husband, should we call them husband jeans?) and Birkenstocks, her staple shoe.

Birkenstocks are great because they are supportive and stylish (sounds familiar). These Birkenstocks are from the close-toed clog collection, making them more in the fall/winter mood. 

Layers, layers, layers! Truly the key to fall & winter. Vests are the perfect layer as they are so versatile.

Not to mention, this vest definitely fueled my mom’s CoverGirl moment. Boyfriend (husband) jeans are my mom’s favorite, they are comfy, conservative, and in style! Check out some of her favorites here

Woman in vests and boyfriend jeans and VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
Look 3: Combat Boots and Cozy

Cozy sweater with combat boots -  a well-loved classic. This has to be my favorite look my mom sported. Notice the cuff over the boots again? Be sure to let your socks peep out to show off the perfect accessory! VIM & VIGR didn’t get awarded most stylish compression sock for nothing!

Woman in cozy sweater with combat boots and VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
Look 4: Fall Fling

This is a great date night look. We went with a jean jacket, but a cardigan would also be cute! Wearing dresses in the fall & winter can be tricky because of the cold, but a knee-high boot can help convert a summer dress into something a little warmer, and if you're really concerned about the cold, we have wool compression socks, too! I found this idea on our Pinterest page (lots more cute styles there - check it out).

Woman in cardigan, dress, VIM & VIGR Compression Socks, and knee-high boot
Look 5: Autumn Athleisure 

What I love about our floral socks is they can be dressed up or down. Let's face it when mother nature is putting on a show of fall colors, we have to keep up somehow! 

Woman wearing floral VIM & VIGR Compression Socks

I hope you enjoyed these looks and can work them into your wardrobe! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • BArbara WAlter

    I have a pair of calf striped vim and vigor socks and love them for bedtime, traveling. Why can’t I find them on line? Are they still available?

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