How to Style Cute Outfits with Compression Socks

Compression socks may feel like function over fashion, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you use them at work, on hikes or for long road trips or plane rides, your compression stockings or socks can be a cute accessory to your outfit.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips for wearing compression socks on pretty much any occasion or season. Read on to find out what to wear them with and how to win style points wherever you’re heading.

Styling Compression Socks Outfits in Summer

Very often, people associate compression socks with being hot, constrained and uncomfortable. That couldn’t be further from the truth in summer, as long as you choose the right materials for your socks.

Merino wool compression socks are lightweight, breathable, and thermoregulating. They can be a great ally for summer hikes or just when you have to spend a long day on your feet and it’s hot out. Here’s how to style them so your outfit looks better than anyone else’s:

  • Pick lively colors that stand out - color clashes can look amazing;
  • Go for bold patterns if you’re wearing a monochrome outfit;
  • Be more subtle if you’re in a less relaxed environment, but don’t restrict yourself too much - tones that complement your outfit or sheer stockings could work very well in an office setting;
  • Embrace the athletic look if you’re hiking or running, or go for a golf chic style when you’re off duty (think preppy plaid with ironed shorts and a polo shirt). 
girl wearing cute compression sock outfit

Just because you’re wearing compression socks, you don’t need to say good-bye to open-toed shoes. In fact, you can find a range of open-toed socks or stockings which will still give you the benefit of a blood flow boost around your ankle and lower limb areas. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to wear knee-high socks in the summer. They give you a fresh, preppy look while keeping your legs energized and light. And they work great with dresses, or cute skirts, as well. Remember, go bold and lively and you’ll make a fashion statement!

Styling Compression Socks Outfits in Winter

If your doctor recommends wearing compression stockings to boost your blood circulation or relieve symptoms of conditions such as varicose veins, winter is one of the easiest times of year to sport them.

In fact, in cold weather, we recommend focusing on fabrics and styles that will keep your feet warm first and foremost. We’ve talked about how great Merino wool can be for regulating your body’s temperature in all weather conditions here. When temperatures plummet, you can reach for these socks all day long. They look great seen under the hem of your jeans if you wear them with city sneakers. And they can pair with a plaid skirt on top of your regular tights to keep your legs nice and toasty.

Winter style is also all about cozy sweater dresses, even more so on special occasions. Pair those with knee-high compression socks even on a dress-down day at the office and you’ll look amazing. Just like in summer, we recommend color clashes for a dress-down occasion or going neutral and more muted for work. 

Finally, remember that cold weather often means wearing boots. A pair of colorful socks can complement or clash with the color of your boots to give you even more styling options. But don’t go black and white - white socks with black boots just doesn’t look right!

Compression socks in the winter

How to Style Compression Socks with a Dress or Skirt

Dresses and skirts look amazing with knee-high socks, so the best compression socks for your particular condition will make for fabulous outfits. Everyday cotton socks in bright colors put a spring in your step and can be a perfect addition to a day dress or skirt and blouse combo.

If you’re looking for compression socks to style with girly outfits when you’re pregnant, a billowy dress can be a super comfortable option. In the summer, you can wear Merino wool socks with a strappy dress and enjoy a breeze. In winter, layer your wool or cotton compression socks over tights and put on a sweater dress to stay warm and stylish.

Another idea is to pair plaid skirts with knee-high compression socks for a preppy look. You can do this as a color or pattern clash for casual occasions. For more formal outfits, use patterns only on one of the garments. So, wear pinstripe socks with a simple black skirt, for example, but go for a solid option if you’re wearing a polka-dot skirt. In both cases, a crisp white button-down shirt will look just perfect on the top. 

woman wearing skirt and compression socks

How to Wear Compression Socks with Capris

Capri pants and compression socks seem an unusual combination. However, this can be a great styling suggestion if you’re looking to show off a funky sock design while staying a bit cooler. Additionally, as compression socks are tight fitting, they give you the option to be worn with tight capris or with looser, bloomer-like designs.

Here are some ideas for how to wear compression socks with capris:

  • Go for a bold color to break up a sombre outfit - this will look elegant and give you a signature look;
  • Stripes are funky - wear a stripy pattern for relaxed but remarkable outfits off-duty;
  • Muted is better if the rest of the outfit is bold - go for sheer or dark, simple colors like navy blue or beige when you wear patterned capris, especially in a more formal setting;
  • Create a new suit style! Capris and a blazer or jacket can look really cool and fresh compared to a traditional suit with long pants. Make it even cooler with bold patterned compression socks, and get extra points for matching one color on the sock with the color of your top. You will definitely turn some heads.

Styling Compression Socks for Work

Work environments vary widely, with a general trend in becoming less formal in recent years. Since we’ve made the switch to hybrid work in many offices, you can be bolder in your choice of outfits when you’re at work, too. However, this really depends on your employer - so consider these styling suggestions in the context of your dress code.

woman wearing compression socks for work

Funky capri suits

Capris are a great way to show off compression sock designs, and they can be dressed up with a button down shirt and a jacket. So, why not try a neutral colored capri pants and jacket combination, with a pop of color from a bright shirt, then add a pair of compression socks in the same bright color to your outfit?

The other option is to wear a pinstripe suit with solid socks, or a patterned pair of socks with a neutral solid colored suit.

Dresses and socks

Wearing dresses at work opens up the opportunity to create some fun combinations with your compression socks. If you want to liven up the office, go for a pattern like our sunrise design for open-toed socks. These look great with a pair of white sandals in summer and will not clash with a neutral colored dress.

Winter outfits featuring jersey or sweater dresses allow you to make a fashion statement with your compression socks. Go for seasonal themes like the petite trees design worn with a navy blue dress and you’ll put a smile on everyone’s faces.

compression socks with a skirt


If your workplace allows you to wear jeans, they’re the perfect pair with compression socks in funky designs and a pair of flat shoes. Roll them up to show off your bold pattern or color on dress-down Fridays for extra style points.

woman wearing jeans and compression socks

Cute Outfits with Compression Socks

From more muted to bold and funky, compression socks can be fun to wear with almost any kind of outfit. They pair well with dress-down jeans or skirts, but can also liven up a capri pantsuit or a more elegant dress outfit. Whether you wear them at work, on a day out or even for a special occasion, you can choose sheer or neutral colors for your compression stockings or socks, or you can go all out with designs from our collections

Have a look at all the possible combinations and, remember: make sure your socks always fit well and are made from the best fabrics for the activity during which you’ll wear them. Beyond that, simply enjoy your stylish outfit and your improved blood circulation for light and energized legs!

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compression socks and cute outfit for travel

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