How Long Should I Wear Compression Socks?

Wearing Compression Socks

How long can you wear compression socks?

That depends on your needs and your comfort level. If you need long-term support and compression, you can wear them all day long. If you are wearing compression for medical reasons, be sure to check with your doctor about how long you should wear them each day. 

How long can you wear compression socks for swelling?

Again, that depends on the swelling. Milder swelling may only need a few hours, while severe swelling may require all-day use. A doctor can help clarify how long to wear compression socks.

How long can you wear compression socks at work?

Again, it depends on your needs and what makes you comfortable. You can certainly wear compression socks for all day support, or you can switch over to compression socks in the latter half of the day to stay comfortable.

How long should you wear compression socks?

As long as you need them to relieve discomfort. Your doctor can offer a time frame if you’re wearing them to deal with a medical issue, but you can wear compression socks anywhere from an hour to the whole day.

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