Meet Our Brand Ambassadors: Jessica & Maura

Brand Ambassadors Jessica and Maura

Jessica Gosdeck

Jessica is a brand photographer and social media specialist for a skin care company. In her spare time you can find Jessica on her motorcycle adventuring near and far. Jessica started wearing compression 23 hours a day, doctor's orders, after she experienced complications with IVC Stenosis and May-Thurner Syndrome, which caused a severe case of DVT.

We asked Jessica a few questions to get to know her better - read further to learn more.

Jessica working as a photographer and at a desk


Why do you wear compression socks?

The outdoors are my life, or at least they were until a year ago when I was diagnosed with ICV Stenosis which led to severe DVT. I went from hiking, motorcycling, kayaking, and off-roading to relying on a walker to get around. 13 months and six procedures later, I am beginning to work my way back into my active lifestyle. Due to the damage I suffered, compression is a new normal for me. 

I’ve chosen to share my story/journey in the hopes of building awareness of my condition to hopefully help others recognize symptoms, should they find themselves in a similar situation. Anyone I’ve ever known who needed compression chose to hide it out of embarrassment. I wear mine proudly, even when I’m wearing shorts and flip flops during the humid and hot Wisconsin summers.

What do you do to keep life exciting?

On & off road motorcycling and anything outdoors, but especially kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, travel [pre-covid], and  dog-friendly outings.

Jessica sitting with her dog.

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Practicing gratitude, being consistent with movement throughout the day, and eating a nutrient rich diet.

How do you style your VIM & VIGR’s?

I love wearing them with cropped slacks & booties/oxfords or knee-length skirts for the office. I also like to style them with rolled jeans for a more casual look. For activity, shorts & tennies and over tights when it's chilly outside.

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Maura Bentzel

Maura is a Registered Nurse and yoga instructor.  When she isn’t working long days on a surgical floor you can find her running, snowboarding, and stand up paddle boarding on the beautiful lakes and rivers in Western Montana. Maura started wearing compression socks when working 12.5 hour shifts as a CNA. A co-worker recommended VIM & VIGR and she has never gone to work without them since!

We asked Maura a few questions to get to know her better - read further to learn more. 

Maura hiking and running.

What keeps life interesting in your world?

Staying active in the outdoors by exploring new mountains and rivers.  Keeping a healthy social life and seeking out opportunities to connect with a diverse community of people.

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Plenty of sleep, well balanced meals, daily exercise, hydration, goal setting and productivity.  Nothing makes me thrive like feeling like I have purpose in life and goals to work toward. 

Maura on a walk with her cat.

Other things you are passionate about?

I’ve been a yoga instructor for 6 years and I am very passionate about self-awareness, balance (both mental and physical), and being flexible (and I don’t mean being able to touch your toes). Life is full of changes and my yoga practice helps me prepare mentally for life’s little surprises! 

Tips for styling your VIM & VIGR’s?

Short shorts and tall socks for running, hiking, biking, and climbing! Otherwise I am wearing them with scrubs for undercover comfort. 

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