Meet Our Brand Ambassadors: Stephanie & Michelle

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VIM & VIGR Brand Ambassadors

Stephanie Chow, M.D.

Stephanie is gynecologic oncologist in training and works long days in the operating room. When she's not on shift, she can be found tending to her garden or cooking up new recipes in her kitchen. She started wearing VIM & VIGR compression socks at the recommendation of her co-workers a couple years ago, and hasn't stopped since!

We asked Stephanie a few questions to get to know her – read on to learn more.

Stephanie wears compression socks for gardening

What do you do to keep life interesting?

As a crazy plant lady, I love tending to my garden and indoor greenery. I also love to cook/bake and play the violin.

Stephanie tends to her plants

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Going outside and gardening!

How did you find VIM & VIGR?

I wanted quality socks for the long days in the operating room and in the hospital. The nurses unanimously recommended VIM & VIGR and I’ve never strayed!

Stephanie wears compression socks as a healthcare professional

Tips for styling compression socks

Normally I’m wearing scrubs at work, but styling them up with simple shorts and tee are my favorite way to showcase the patterns.

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Michelle Perucci

Michelle is a health & life coach who is passionate about wellness. After a major swelling incident while traveling last year, she began wearing compression socks & has found them helpful for her everyday life as well. 

We asked Michelle a few questions to get to know her – read on to learn more.

Michelle wears compression socks while working from home

What gets you out of bed everyday?

Learning and trying new things! A new skill, read a book, a new recipe.

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Living in the moment. Breathing through stressors and finding my calm within.

Michelle wears compression socks for hiking

Why do you wear compression socks?

My legs swelled while overseas, enough to scare me and teach me to wear compression socks daily. I wear compression socks to keep my legs and feet from swelling & aching while I'm working from home, standing in the kitchen or out in the garden.

Tips for styling compression socks

For working out or athleisure, I like wearing them on top of my knee-length active pants. For everyday wear, I put them on under my rolled up boyfriend jeans with converse or with jean shorts and fun sneakers.

Compression socks for working from home

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Stay tuned for more from our Brand Ambassadors in the coming months! Interested in being a VIM & VIGR Brand Ambassador? You can apply here.

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