Meet Our New Brand Ambassadors: Shelby, Vanessa, & Natalie

Real people who love our compression socks

Shelby Humphreys

Shelby excitedly wearing our compression socks

Shelby, a Missoula, Montana native and a small business owner, loves to connect people with ideas. When she isn’t working her marketing magic at Missoula Social Media, you can find her hiking our local trails.  

We asked Shelby a few questions to get to know her better - read further to learn more.

Why do you wear compression socks?

Shelby started wearing compression socks for long hikes. In her words, “Hiking in a bigger body can wear me out over long distances. These socks keep inflammation down, so I can go longer.”

Shelby wearing compression socks in the snowy mountains.

What do you do to keep life exciting?

A friend once told me that I "make art out of life." I love to connect people and ideas, create special moments, and support my hometown. I also skinny dip every March to celebrate making it through winter in Montana!

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Surfing the flow, being inspired, moving in my body, and making meaningful connections.

How do you style your VIM & VIGR compression socks?

Shelby loves rocking her VIM & VIGR compression socks with hiking skorts on the trails and with Mary Jane shoes in everyday life.




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Vanessa Coscarelli Black

Vanessa with her dog

Vanessa is a mom, wife and knitwear designer from New Jersey. Vanessa was recently diagnosed with POTS and started wearing compression socks  to manage her symptoms. She was very happy to find VIM & VIGR because  in her words all the other compression socks she found were so “Vanilla”. 

We asked Vanessa a few questions to get to know her better - read further to learn more. 

Why do you wear compression socks?

I was recently diagnosed with very low blood volume which caused my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Keeping the blood from pooling in my legs allows my heart to not have to work so hard to keep blood flow moving and compression socks help with this.

What keeps life interesting in your world?

I always try to learn new skills, especially when it comes to creating things by hand.  I also love to get to the beach as much as possible. There's nothing better than Vitamin "sea!"

Alpine compression socks with knitting needles

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

A focus on hydration, whole foods, minimal processed foods and exercise.  The addition of compression socks has also helped me manage my POTS symptoms.

Tips for Styling your VIM & VIGR Compression Socks

It's important for me to wear compression socks when I know I will be standing for long periods of time or during exercise.  I often wear them with my exercise clothes (yoga pants).  For a casual day out, I usually wear them under skinny jeans with cute, casual sneakers.



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Natalie Hakala

Natalie wearing VIM & VIGR compression socks in scrubs

Natalie, a former collegiate runner, is currently in PA school and is a COVID-19 Long Hauler. Her journey with compression began as an athlete but has become part of her treatment plan to help manage the long term COVID symptoms she experiences daily. 

We asked Natalie a few questions to get to know her better - read further to learn more. 

Why do you wear compression socks?

September 2020 is when I first tried your socks and it is because I am a COVID long hauler. I have found wearing compression socks helps with my venous return and alleviates some of my symptoms. One of the complications of being a long hauler is poor blood circulation so the socks really help with that issue.

What keeps life interesting in your world?

I love appreciating the little moments of life! Spending time outdoors and finding the small joys makes life always interesting. 

What does everyday wellness look like to you?

Doing small steps each day to ensure wellness. I always say some is better than none. For example, on days I can't fit in a big workout just going for a short walk is good or doing daily yoga or fitting in fruit and veggies at all meals. 

When do You wear your VIM & VIGR compression socks the most?

I wear them on long clinical days when I am on my feet all day. I also wear them a lot with shorts around my house for studying activities. 


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